Forza 3 Jalopnik Pack Released Date Announced, Dec 14 2010

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have announced the December 14 release of the Forza 3 Community Choice Classics Car Pack. The 10 included cars have been chosen by readers of and they'll set you back 400 Microsoft Points.

The cars include the Ferrari 250 from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and the DeLorean DMC-12 from the Back to the Future trilogy. From 20-26 December select Forza 3 car packs will also be discounted by 50 per cent for Xbox LIVE Gold members.

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hennessey862921d ago

but after the shocker that was the ultimate edition and the fact that i still do not have the stig garage pack after buying the limited edition and all the dlc. i say fuck turn 10 and also im far too bust playing gt5 to even care a little bit

sleepy32921d ago

my 360 died, but i feel your pain. Its BS for a dev to release an "Ultimate Edition" and then release another car pack...and have ultimate edition owners pay for it (correct me if i'm wrong). Bad move T10. Ultimate edition implies everything. What's next? a super duper fantastic edition?

hennessey862921d ago

Ive just had my 360s repaired, it refused to recognize a hdmi cable. Is yours still under warrenty. Turn 10 lost me as a fan after what they did, i spent about 85 pounds altogether on the game and dlc and then they do that it really annoyed me but luckily gt5 is amazing and its a much better game than forza 3 so all is not lost. If you dont have a ps3 get one and gt5