Nintendo – Total annual hardware sales, PS2vsWii sales, DS and Wii million sellers and more

Gamer Investments: Total annual hardware sales by manufacturer in the U.S.

Home Console Hardware Unit Sales in the U.S. Market

Historical Sales - PS2 vs Wii

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sleepy32920d ago

Interesting to note that the rate of growth for both systems slowed at around the same time in the lifespan. Guess its a year 4 thing.

Lord_Doggington2920d ago

hm, so the top chart includes the ps2, ps3, and psp? does it include sony laptops, televisions, discmans, dvd/bluray players, etc?

how about some specifics w/ this lame ass chart, please

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2920d ago

Lord_D- Does it include sony laptops, tv's, DISCMAN's etc??
What the hell are you talking about?

Lord_Doggington2920d ago

well if you clicked the damn link (not surprised you didn't), you'd see the title of the chart being: Total annual hardware sales by manufacturer in the US

My point being, not that they really did include all electronics released to the consumer (way to look like a dummy and not pick up on sarcasm), but that they're including the numbers of all gaming hardware: PSP, PS2, and PS3, not just consoles.

MS is at a disadvantage in this chart because their sales are being compared to sales of hardware divisions in which they have no investment in addition to divisions they are competitive in.

in other words: get out

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2920d ago

So first you admit to making a "sarcasm" comment about the article for jokes and jiggles thinking everyone is a code breaker on your inside joke. Then you get offended.
Then you take it serious describing how "MS is at a disadvantage in this chart b/c blah blah blah...", trying to sound like your a analyst.
Hilarious. I guess your opinions have multiple meanings even you don't know what your saying.

sleepy32920d ago

Lord D. Annual hardware means GAMING hardware. Its a GAMING SITE, talking about GAMING NEWS. You really that slow?

Lord_Doggington2920d ago

you're slow for not seeing sarcasm. see above comment, you buthole

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Samus HD2920d ago

nintendo king of gaming

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