Nine Things That Can Make Mass Effect 3 Awesome

GB: "Mass Effect, as a series, has come a long, long way. After its initial launch with Mass Effect in 2007, the game was met with overwhelmingly positive response, and seeing how successful the first game was, BioWare soon developed Mass Effect 2, which was even better than its predecessor, and saw even greater success. After the release of just two games, Mass Effect has been touted by many as one of the best- if not the best- franchises this generation has procured."

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Shubhankar2869d ago

Interesting. A part of me is actually hoping that the game to be announced at VGA is a Mass Effect MMO, but after reading those few paras, I'm sure as hell psyched for ME3!

cyborg2869d ago

and wish that Earth didn't comprise of most of the game. That's all I want. And yeah, more hotties :D

BaKon2869d ago

I agree, make it a little more open so we can go to all kinds of planets or galaxies.

Blacktric2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

More of this. And of course more planets to explore with vehicles.

RedDead2869d ago

More enemy type aswell. It would be nice to fight some monsters aswell as humonid creatures

IronFistChinMi2869d ago

Earth won't comprise the majority of the game. More likely, we'll be playing out the final mission on Earth.

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MariaHelFutura2869d ago

The multiplayer should be co-op NOT versus. That`s all I care about. ME1 was great. ME2 was great. ME3 will be great, pending disaster.

tmoss7262869d ago

I doubt they would start making another MMO when they already have one under production.

NYC_Gamer2869d ago

why should this rpg add mp?millions of people brought these games for the single player experience

gameseveryday2869d ago

I kinda agree with you. But again Red Dead Redemption sold in millions and it had MP in it.

NecrumSlavery2869d ago

RDR actually did multiplayer right for the type of game it was. But I think they are making Mass too much shooter and not enough RPG. They need to make it more personable to a single player experience. It's a long game already. It honestly does not need deathmatch.

cyborg2869d ago

there's no harm in implementiing a solid multiplayer component. The most recent success story was Assassin's Creed: brotherhood. Who would have thought they could have pulled it off but pull if off they did.

The key was that ACB's mp was not similar to the sp of the game. I think ME can opt for something similar, some exicitng modes where you battle against others in arena or galaxies or have objectives to complete. I think it will only enchance and add more value for money to the game if Bioware successfully does that.

I won't mind a MP mode at all.

Godmars2902869d ago

Aside that it could take away from SP. Shorten the campaign.

Godmars2902869d ago

There, more epic.

Define the "world" by giving planets more detail. Put in a few side quests and homeworlds to explore.

And as far as space combat, the only problem I see with it is that the Normandy is designed like a PT boat. Attacks by performing missile runs.

Arup022869d ago

Multiplayer Component = NO

crazedfishuk2869d ago

As much as I CANNOT wait for ME3 there's still a part of me that's a bit nervous and worried.....nervous and worried because I know that as soon as the credits roll on the final installment I'm gonna put ME1 in again and start a monster playthrough that may well cost me my girlfriend and some friends. Might as well enjoy the time left, I suppose....

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