Video Game Awards 2010 Worldwide Broadcast & Live Stream

Gamertag Radio writes: "Gamers from around the world would like to know if they can watch this year's Video Game Awards 2010 live in their local area. Not all areas will air live. Spike TV just posted their live stream link for tonight's "Pre-Show". This will most likely change to live feed for show when it starts tonight."


For those who want to watch the VGA tonight on Spike TV.

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Red_Orange_Juice2921d ago

No UK, make you rown show and stay away, well thats what they say

zootang2921d ago

Red_Orange Juice

Are you sure that's not what you say?

HappyGaming2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I just found this link I was about to submit the article good thing I checked for a duplicate first.

Or download Hotspot Shield and use the official link to get HD streaming:

Hotspot Shield allows you to use 5GB of mileage per month but I doubt the show will be more than that anyway.

Commander_TK2921d ago

This is probably the worst streaming ever. It lags every 2 seconds.

showtimefolks2921d ago

sony has a killer lineup for fall 2011 hate that all you want but my gosh

twisted metal
resistance 3
uncharted 3
the last guardian(also sotc/ico)

sad that there was no news on AGENT OR STARHAWK(GDC it is i guess)

godfree2921d ago

Still researching... give me a few mins.

Del6732921d ago

I disagree the fact that you are researching...however that works.

Prcko2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

you can find live stream on:
open that link and you will find SPIKE TV,click on that and whola :)
Thx for bubles guys,i need them badly :)
this is what happens when you telling the truth,and then you end up like troll :/

Red_Orange_Juice2921d ago

I know that, I watch sports there

Blacktric2921d ago

Wow. Thanks a lot. Bubbly bubbles for ya!

FormableAxe2921d ago

Thanks a lot, I've been looking forward to the VGA's for several weeks, but live in Europe and get more stressed each hour that I won't find a stream somewhere!

AngryFork2921d ago

Wow dude thanks a lot this is amazing.

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gtsentry2921d ago

how about watching it on spyke tv

MidnightWatcher2921d ago

Some people don't live in America. I know its weird but there are other countries than America, even though some Americans couldn't name them on a map :P

Lirky2921d ago

I would stream for anyone if my usb capture card was working with my usb ports correctly.

Plus if flash media encoder didnt lag so bad fme3 then id stream it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.