See how Metal Gear Arcade begins

Metal Gear Arcade, the stereoscopic-3D, head-tracking, online-playable coin-op Metal Gear, will finally arrive in arcades next week -- in Japan, of course. What, do you expect to see an arcade game in America? With the game finally shipping out to game centers, Konami released the opening video -- which, since it's an arcade game, classifies as a genuine "attract mode," attempting to get gamers' attention and entice them out of their 100 yen coins. Check it out after the break.

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sinncross2868d ago

This makes me wish they added 3D and Move support to MGS4.

In fact, it makes me wish the game was given trophy support...

TheFreak2868d ago

Trophy support had would of been awesome. Weird that it hasn't happened since it is such a big title on the ps3.

Game-ur2868d ago

Wish they would do a MGS4 substance and include this in it with Move and 3D.

Slient Knight 92868d ago

As Game-ur said a MGS4 substance with 3d, move support and trophies plus i think they should add a demo for metal gear rising as well would be awesome.

NecrumSlavery2868d ago

Well this is an almost guarantee for PS3. Look at the gun controller, it looks almost exactly like the new PS3 gun featured in the Gamespot preview on Killzone 3 here:

It's exactly the same. Plus the HD 3D, etc..

Only thing that boggles me is the cam attachment on the glasses. What is that?

King-Leonidas2868d ago

it feels... cheap. MGO2 is better

rrw2868d ago

They can do this on PS3 with move and 3d support.

konami makes it happend

Undeadwolfy2867d ago

Dammit, you all said what Im thinking.

sam22362867d ago

Well...that was shit. Seriously, it's just MGO with 3D and a crap lightgun.

Why couldn't they just add 3D and Move support to MGS4?!

zgoldenlionz2867d ago

pretty cool idea the headtracking makes me want to try it even though i didnt really like MGO