Taint or Mere IGNorance: Are reviewers overstepping their bounds?

There are many stories that illustrate the taint introduced in the game review process. Recently, Vgmwatch was informed of an unfortunate event involving 2K Games and IGN Entertainment. They spoke with a former editor who wished to remain anonymous to avoid any apparent conflict of interest (The individual is still employed in the game media). They will let the individual's story speak for itself. Below, they have paraphrased the journalist's recollection:

From editor:
" The review embargo for Prey [for Xbox 360] for all press outlets was up on a Monday I believe.
I hear Doug saying to Marci something along the lines of "No, I'm sure it is a great game. I'm pretty sure it is going to do well. That's why we want the exclusive. We don't want the exclusive on crappy games… " so on… He gets off the phone and heads over to Tom and asks him, "Tom, what were you thinking you were going to give Prey?" That's sort of a no-no to begin with, but Tom says, "I haven't even played it. I have no idea." Doug persists, "No, but if you were gonna guess… like 9 or higher, right? Nothing lower than an 8, obviously?" (These are pretty much direct quotes.) That's when I say, "Doug, you can't ask him that crap." Doug replies, "Well, we can talk about ranges of scores. That's okay." He then proceeds to ask Tom for a score range. Once again, Tom replies that he has no idea. I scolded Doug again and he went back to his desk where he calls Marci Ditter and says that he's sure it will do 9 or higher. After I made a big fuss about it, Doug decided not to take the exclusive either. They ended up publishing the review as a non-exclusive with rest of the game media. "

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xaphanze4147d ago

The answer to Skate's scores?

nasim4147d ago

IGN,1up and GAMESPOT should be blacklisted by SONY.

SKATE looks wayy better on ps3 than x360 and it got a lower score on the ps3 ?????

shut up u f***** BOT . Ur console has 22g/s of bandwidth and understandably everything looks washed out on x360 when rez is incresed to 1080p /even at 720. The edram makes up for the lack of bandwidth but only at 480p and lower.

ps3 has a bandwidth of 48g/s (25.6 for VDO and 22.6 for system )

x360 has slower and low cache of 1m compared to faster and 2.3m cache on ps3.

TWO WORLDS is the worst RPG game ever made . Gamespy gave it 2/10 and GS and IGN gave it 7.0 and 6.8 respectively.

IGN also gave TIGERWOODS GOLF same scores for ps3 and x360 version when in reality the ps3 version looks miles better than the x360 version

GS gave TG 7.0 for ps3 version and 6.5 for x360 version.


great article !!!

Xi4147d ago

people who often accuse others of being gay usually do so to cover up their own latent homosexuality...

So uh, it's okay to come out of the closet, no one will make fun of your, promise.

Maddens Raiders4147d ago (Edited 4147d ago )

DiRT or SKATE anyone? -- WTH was that? I bet it kills the idiotic reviewers that they HAVE TO review UT3 before the 360 version, so that WILL be a VERY, VERY interesting scenario. Of course the IGN's, 1ups, and GameDaily's of the world are *gearing up for a 2 week word orgy with _______3 about to release so they'll get their fix for a while at least. It's ridiculous though that you can't really trust any of these ragz any more.

Somewhere between 2005 and 2006 game ragz lost their minds and started really hating on Sony. Oddly, I think it was because of the missed launch and the inflammatory statements like, "the next generation begins when we say it does..."lol & people can't forget that they are and have been the console leaders for a long, long time. It just goes to show that people hate a champion and love to see them struggle back to the top once the champion stumbles. Well, they're getting their money's worth I'll tell ya.

I will buy or rent all Sony games from here on out to see for myself what the "review" should be. P. Cerula, Mart-in, and the Top Lamer are the most vocal about rankings and scores on this site. What does that say? I rest my case.

power of Green 4147d ago

Soon the Sony troops will destroy every reviewer company and media company only leaving Sony bais reviewer sites and media.

Sony's PS3 lack luster performance is to blame not everybody else. It's obvious Sony and its favorers feel the heat and getting desperate.

* EA: CHECK...


* MS: CHECK...






pacman6154147d ago

chit, gamers who buy the games should be the reviewers only, pack a card in with the game rate it based on your satisfaction and send it back to the company and compile all the scores and average them out, and violla, no more flamebait wars about why scores got this or that, plain and simple, and for all the game reviewers for all these companys, half of them dont like certain types of games, so of course they will give crappy scores to them , or exact opposite, my point is simple , let the gamers who pay 50-60$ decide and send back the results

xaphanze4147d ago

1UP and EGM are known of being Xbots.

eg: Killzone 2 worst A.I. and Madonna being my girlfriend.

cloud3604147d ago

When sony sed critic and reviewers dont matter they wer right...

i luv sony even more now

i hate people and u know sony is getting bullied on purpose coz peple want war to contnue

power of Green 4147d ago

Its like that so people won't miss it so the Sony people can say see Its IGN fault the PS3 gets tarnish not Sony.

I had no idea the inpending doom was this far along for PS3 wher folks will be willing to destroy anybody that ceases to give Sony hand out as they did in the past.

I'm sure you can find dozens of reviewer issues in the gaming world. Anyways I sure IGN played Skate lol.

Infernus4147d ago

The reviewers are talking about possible scores before it's even been played. That's a big problem because that means they're reviewing hype rather than the game. If a game doesn't get much hype you can guarantee it'll get lower than an 8. Take Warhawk for example, the best MP game out and the most addictive MP game I've ever played, yet what does it get? 8's and 9's, does the lack of SP influence this? If so, those games that lack MP should be scored down also...

Bioshock had the biggest build up for any game this year and guess what, it got the ridiculous perfect 10. Without the pre-release hype Bioshock wouldn't have got that score, it would have still been a great game but I still think a 9/10 is the true score for that game because it has many flaws within.

A lot of games are being scored based on how great they sound rather than being scored based on how well they play. Bioshock isn't a perfect 10, no game really deserves a perfect 10. I would play Bioshock, finish it then leave it alone or return it, that's not a perfect 10 as the game is repetitive, no multiplayer for a next-gen game means a lack of replayability and the many issues I've heard of the game; things like the lack of varied enemy models, the hack mini-game being a waste of space and the very bad mission directives. Yet all I've heard from the reviews is 'it looks phenomenal', that's not called a game review, that's called leaving out the issues so you can give the game a high score and make your mag sell/get your site more hits due to the larger 360 fanbase being a larger income generator.

PoG you can insult the Sony fanboys all you want, but this isn't a consumer fanboy issue at all. It's a review system issue. Something that's been here since the PS3 and Wii were released. These review sites and mags know the 360 fanbase is curently bigger than the PS3 fanbase and if they give a 'well hyped' 360 game a bad review or multiplat game a better review on the PS3 the larger gamerbase (360 guys) will ignore that site/mag. It's a very good piece of marketing that the fanboys on this site and also those around the world just don't seem to see...

Daxx4147d ago

Then who are the fair and balanced reviewers?

Meus Renaissance4147d ago (Edited 4147d ago )

Consumers cannot trust gaming messageboards as they're usually filled with such potent and bias opinions of each platform that they're not really going to get an honest conclusion from anybody there. The suggestion now that there is a new form of bias - inspired by money and exclusive righs for name-sake - by professional journalist is worrying to say the least.

We need some credibility, some sense of a straight and honest path otherwise there is no point to any of this. When will there be a time where the mass can truly and unequivocally appreciate a rival platform's games? Are we even gamers anymore? Or just gaming politicians who feel the need to protect their investment from the slightest, and even justified, criticism?

Another question is, ARE PEOPLE EVEN READY FOR FAIR REVIEWS? When a multiplatform game is inferior on a particular platform, there is the usual winging, dismissals finished off with the boasting and mocking. This isn't an environment for which "fair and balanced" is appreciated let alone accepted.

frizshizzle4147d ago

...those that have something to gain.

ShiftyLookingCow4147d ago

Fair and Balanced, oh my that reminds of Fox news who are anything but

Meus Renaissance4147d ago

Lol Yeah, quite ironic. There was a story of them trying to copyright those words actually when a publisher wanted to imprint the term "fair & balance" on their book, but Fox complained.

P.S. I hate Bill O'Reilly :) Just wanted to get that in there

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