Free 2 Play MMO publishers are watching PS3

German MMO publisher Frogster may be interested in publishing MMO for consoles. Paweł Majak Country Manager Poland from Frogster Online Gaming said that it is too early for this to happen right now but they are looking into it.

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Wizziokid2866d ago

be great to see some of the decent F2P MMO's move onto PS3, could help increase the audience.

King-Leonidas2866d ago

103% agree with you!
but they would still have to charge to use PSN's servers so...

Perjoss2866d ago

indeed, it would be nice to have some kind of half decent mmo on a console. Dont care about fees as long as game is good.

King-Leonidas2866d ago

me neither, i dont care about the fees since psn is free

NecrumSlavery2866d ago

I am really wondering why Free Realms hasnt come to PS3 yet. That would be a good reason to add a PS3 version of the Avatar/Mii(I mean not a home avatar but a toony one that people apparantly bitch that they dont have) but its a silly and fun game that would be easy to have fully integrated into the system.

HappyGaming2866d ago

They could sell PSN DLC like other free MMOs do on the PC.

Once they have you hooked they offer you to pay/donate to them for extra weapons etc

They could sell them on the PSN store but its a high risk move I don't know how many people on the PS3 will actually play MMOs compared to the PC.

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Ratchet5102866d ago

they should put rockman and dragon ball online to the ps3.

SuperKing2866d ago

I'd love MapleStory to come to PS3. That'd be awesome.

Galvanise_2866d ago

I wanted Guild Wars 2 on PS3. Shame its not coming.

soundslike2866d ago

You are "that guy". There's always one, or twelve.

Guild wars is not F2P. Just the same as Call of Duty or 98% of the games out there aren't either.

Just cause you got your wallet raped by blizzards subscriptions doesn't mean 60 dollars is now free.

-X-2866d ago

I think Guild Wars doesn't have an monthly fee. You just buy a code to activate the account. 1 time only fee.

DanSolo2866d ago

Yeah Guild Wars is free to play... in the subscription sense, and let's be honest no-one begrudges paying the normal buying price of a game; it is the subscriptions that are the problem.

I really wish GW2 was coming to PS3, I played the original for a while on the PC and it was a quality game, but I prefer gaming on my PS3 so it would have been a day one purchase for me!

LiViNgLeGaCY2866d ago

He means because you have to first 'purchase' the game in order to play it.

That's what I got from his comment anyway.

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Cajun Chicken2866d ago

I bet they are...because online on the PS3 is FREE TO PLAY.

jneul2866d ago

not to mention psn is much more open:-D

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The story is too old to be commented.