Primal Carnage: Amazing Screenshots and First Gameplay Footage Emerged

PC Games shows you brand new and stunning Unreal Engine 3 screenshots from the upcoming dino shooter Primal Carnage. First gameplay footage of Primal Carnage you can see inside the news. Take a look!

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anthraxCZ2961d ago

not amazing at all, but decent maybe for steam, xbla / psn arcade

Voltago2961d ago

never heard of it before, looks promising

Huwmor2961d ago

I agree that this should be downloadable. Also, how much do these guys wish they could slap the jurassic park license on there for double the sales. This looks unimaginably better than Turok at least. The animation for the dinos lacks polish, hope they can get on that since it's only alpha.

chak_2961d ago

"amazing", "stunning"

all those superlative are getting ridiculous.

But there are dinosaurs, so it's still an EPIC win


RedDead2961d ago

Imo it comes down to how they do the T-rex, most games can't do them well. Besides King kong(only good thing about the game). Although still, i'd prefare to be scared shi*less of the t-rex or any other big predator instead of runnign aorund circle shooting it in the eyes.

There still hasn't been hat Dinosaur game like that, just like there hasn't been a immersive realistic FPS survival horror zombie game. I'm still waiting on a free roam zombie game with safe house and dangerous zombies etc, just like i'm waiting for a free roam dinosaur game sorta like that. Anyone ever hear of trespasser? It's has so much potential but the glitches are amazingly bad, bad programming is all what ruined it.

RedDead2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

So this game is a cop-op verssu game with classes, Raptor is just one class, t rex is another class haha

AllroundGamer2961d ago

yeah amazing, or don't you like retro games, that look like from the year 2000? (visual and gameplaywise) ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.