The Gamers Pad: Gran Turismo 5 Review

The Gamers Pad: The wait and anticipation for this game has been nothing short of HUGE. So when I finally got this game in the mail after waiting 5 years since it was revealed, it was disappointing to wait another hour just to install it. But OMG it was worth the wait.

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nefertis2962d ago

Im enjoying every minute of gt5, its sad that some sites can't appreciate gt5 greatness. I find it funny that gt5 got its own section on n4g not too many games have there own from page section. PD keep up the good work.

talltony2962d ago

watch. The gt5 haters will ignore this review but appear in every 8 and below review article saying how many things is wrong with the game. Just accept that this game is getting mixed reviews and that it is great to some people while not so great to others. I'm not even a fan of the gt franchise and I love this game. It really is mad addicting.

HellzAssassin2962d ago

I whole-heartedly agree. I haven't played GT since GT2 on PS1.... but I'm really addicted to this game. It kinda pisses me off O_o. Sure, it has a SHITTON of flaws for being in production for 5 years, but the game itself as a whole is undoubtedly one of the best PS3 games to be released and one of the few games where I believe my $60 was well spent.

Cevapi882962d ago

am i the only one who is underwhelmed by the cars that are rewarded to us after each event....about half were standard cars and i got the same car twice from 2 different events which i couldnt sell because it was a concept car...another thing that was a let down was that if you wanted to do the same event again, you dont get rewarded another car like in previous GT games

rekonizakilla2962d ago

I'm anything but a gt5 hater, but that doesnt stop this review from sucking.

Shame about no damage which pd are gonna sort out in an update?

Also this person rounded up form 8.33 to make the score a 9?

I will say again, this is an amazing game and my personal game of the year. but this review is worthy of ignoring.

DigitalAnalog2962d ago

Especially regarding damage and AI. Could someone here tell us what exactly it's like playing at hard/expert mode if they reached that point by then?

-End of Line

aaron58292962d ago

Professional events onwards, the AI is really challenging.

If they lose a position, they will certainly do their best to get it back... i had a great race for the 1st position. i overtook it, he tried to gain back its 1st place... wheel to wheel racing, then on the first corner, he tried late braking, but too late.. he ended up in the gravel... best feeling ever.

DigitalAnalog2962d ago

Nice. What about damage visual/mechanical? Is it really progressive as it was rumored or is the damage easier to receive on the later levels as opposed to constantly ramming yourself ad-infinitum on the beginner levels?

-End of Line

aaron58292961d ago

from what i noticed... the expert series onwards, a slight nudge will have some minor scratches on your car.

i first noticed this during the schwarz league 1 or something like that..

i was squeezed by two ai cars... it wasnt a heavy contact.. during the replay.. i see scratches on both side of the car.

but for some reason, certain cars are easier to see the damage than others... for example... the SLS is easier to be damaged than a for example, GT-R.

Personally, i hope the damage and mechanical damage they added online is added to the GT Life mode.

Rageanitus2962d ago

the gt5 h8rs honestly are coming from the xbox crowd....

they create expections which they think should be in the game... and explode it in a such a way that it should have been in there.....

go back and play forza.... hitting a wall at 100kms an hour your car isstill running.

The reality this is a game and it emulates a driving experience but it is NOT reality.

Goeres2962d ago

Review states that GT5 doesnt have car damage?????

Vesemir2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

GT series never focused in car damage, I never saw the fans complaining about it.

Anyway, GT5 have damage, the bump sounds aren't the most realistic thing in this world, but anyway, GT series never focused on such things.

I just have issue with people that claims GT5 looks bad and have PS2 level graphics... Get real, for fuck's sake....

Seriously now... What air do these people breathe ?? I doubt it have oxygen in it.

HellzAssassin2962d ago

As much as I love this game, and as my previous comment stated that I believe it's one of the best PS3 games currently out... one thing that really bugs me... The sound when the cars collide. It sounds like fucking cardboard boxes hitting... I wish they would upgrade that sound, and make it sound like an actual car collision. I could care less about the damage, I just want the sound.

Vesemir2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

I agree, the bumps sounds like rubber. But we have to consider all GT games were always like that.
Anyway it'd be nice to have that metallic sound effect.

They must have a good reason not to add those sounds, since we all know, it's not the hardest thing in the world to produce that sound effect.

Daves2962d ago

I hear what you are saying and of course the sound you describe. However, I do think the sound matches the level of damage we see. There has to be a parity.

I'd go for a little more crash rather than dull body panel impact, but not much more.

demonddel2962d ago

can somebody please tell me why i have to wait till a car is available to complete my event thats the dumbest thing ever

LeShin2962d ago

Let me guess, are you waiting for a sports truck? :-)

Daves2962d ago

The garage refreshes if you enter 4 events.

Go to B licence test and click next (without bothering with the event) until test 4 arrives. Exit and go to used car dealer.

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