PSN!: Andrew Reiner (Game Informer) teasing February cover

It's not Uncharted 3 for sure, guys.

On his twitter, Andrew Reiner, executive director of Game Informer, start teasing about the next cover of the magazine.

See the most popular guesses he posted: The Elder Scrolls V, Half-Life 3 and Mass Effect 3

Could you survive until February?

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NecrumSlavery2871d ago

I don't know. That's a lot of great potential wrapped up in this rumour. I am going to curious, but not hyped so that I do not get disappointed. When HS3 or ME3 is officially anounced, I'll then throw myself on the floor and act like a jackass in excitement.

jony_dols2871d ago

With the amount of epic reveals & trailers (9 confirmed & 4 mystery) tonight, at the moment I don't really care about a magazine cover in February.

Bring on Uncharted 3!

scar202871d ago

@Necrum slavery you mean like this lol?

zootang2871d ago

I've got a feeling Respawn (old Infinity Ward) will show something!

Gawny2871d ago

Now that ME3 has been announced I think is clear.

Necrosis2871d ago

I think it's gonna be TES V! Or so I hope haha

nefertis2871d ago

If its elder scroll I would shit in my pants

NecrumSlavery2871d ago

I just pray they don't use the Gamebryo Engine. I hope they are using the idTEch5 Engine. Which also makes me hope there is a new story/gameplay trailer for RAGE and possible a DOOM 4 trailer.

Raendom2871d ago

Would LOVE it to be any of those, but it's most likely to be Mass Effect 3.

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