Infinity Blade: Apple's Killer App?

Podgamer: Infinity Blade‘s main plot lasts for all of about 30 minutes. It tempts you with a colossal (and colossally gorgeous) world, yet keeps you on such a tight leash that you’re basically moving in a straight line. It’s also infinitely repetitive. If you’ve played 45 seconds of the game, you’ve practically played it all.

Would you believe me if I told you those were the main ingredients that make Infinity Blade good? And occasionally even fantastic?

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Stealth20k2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

On the psp or ds the game would be shovelware. Same with what zenonia was on the psp and ds.

And games like this are reviewed differently because igames are held to a much much lower standard.

The game lasts an hour, and the graphics cant hide bad controls/repetitive gameplay

AwesomeJizz2959d ago

Agree with everything you said. Nice graphics but poor gameplay and pretty much everything else.
You do not feel like you actually play the game.. All you do is swipe your finger in the direction they want you to..
I'm sick of how people make big fuss about games that are released to the iOS devices like they are the best thing that ever happened


i regret buying it...sacrificed graphics for really do just swipe your finger across the screen in this sh*t on rails game....yet IGN gave it or nine or something lol

AllroundGamer2959d ago

it's called the apple sheep syndrome...

toaster2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )


lol No it's not, it's called buying a genuinely shitty game. Gamers can't help that everyone is talking about a certain game so we buy it and find out that it really isn't what we expected. Happens all the time, iPhone game or not. The iPhone gaming community is big but the majority are kids. Most people that aren't very well informed about news sites and gaming forums won't know where to look for real in depth reviews from users. Seriously all I see in the App review section in the App Store is "OMG THIS GAMES GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME!!" or "DON"T BUY THIS POS!!" None really go in depth.

Active Reload2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Did you guys and gals not read up on the game or read reviews before buying it? I don't go by reviews on games on other platforms because you can try the demo or rent the game before purchasing. But demos or lite version of games for the iPhone don't come out until after a game has been out for a while, if at all.

Edit: I was just trying to say that I actually read reviews on this game and watched videos for it. So I knew what the gameplay was all about and everything else except for the length of the game.

Baka-akaB2959d ago

it's not about kids ...

It's about pretending that your hardware can do everything , and it happens with a lot of material .

I personally love the iphone , like the ipad , but very much doubt it's an actual gaming device .

It's cool 5 mins to show off to others "heeyyy look i can do shiny graphics too" .. but if you actually game on it , you are stuck with stuff like angry birds .
Angry bird is cool , but having an actual choice of true and hardcore games is better .

In reverse , the same thing happened with the ds and psp ... pretenting they can use killer and cool apps via homebrew , while only a select few are useful , and 90% of those related to emulation .

So no you wont use the ds or the psp as a pda ... unless you are a masochist .

kneelb4zod2958d ago

Thought your name and pic was funny.

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MEsoJD2959d ago

Just because the games on rails and touch doesn't make it bad. For a mobile game I found it to be a lot of fun. It's not just graphics, I feel the gameplay was the best option they could of taken for what they had to work with. I feel rage hd was the same case. They know moving can be hard without physical sticks.

Baka-akaB2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

to each their own ... They've decided to go toward gaming with obvious physical hardware limitations .

I dont think they should be given a pass for it and the standard by wich we judge games should be lowered because of it .

i dont believe in the "hey its not bad for a phone game" mantra . it's good or its not .

Christopher2959d ago

Graphically impressive, but a very lackluster game, IMHO. iPhone's killer app is Angry Birds and Cut The Rope type games, not these. Most people who buy games on the iPhone aren't looking for high quality graphics, they're looking for time wasters that will allow them to play for a few minutes at a time.

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GuruStarr782959d ago

Its ok. I'm actually having more fun with Rage HD.

hellraiserpop2959d ago

Well its not like they're asking $30 for it <.<

evilunklebud2959d ago

Yeah, it is just ok... but it was only $6. Can live with that.

Akagi2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Aside from the boring rails gameplay, your hands cover the graphics. Who said the iOS platform could be taken serious in the gaming market again?