COD4: The Competitive Aspect

Today COD4Boards joins Rob-Wiz from Team-Pandemic's Call of Duty 2 team (CEVO-P, 2nd @ WSVG) to speak about the competitive aspect in Call of Duty 4 and its viability in the competitive scene.

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2paclives4060d ago

this game rocks...halo 3 fanboys be scared...this IS the multiplayer game for now on!

AngryHippo4060d ago

this game is freaking awesome, i'm playing the beta as we speak. Best multiplayer i have ever played and the graphics are insane, gameplay top notch, its just so much freaking fun. Its a great time to be a gamer.

hgdaniel4060d ago

Honestly I don't really care if a better game comes out... it just means better games for all of us because developers are forced to develop great games just to compete with games with a lot of support from fans like halo, MGS, FF, etc

nobizlikesnowbiz4059d ago

I don't see this taking away from Halo.

I'm playing the Beta right now too, and it's friggin awesome. Feels awesome, plays awesome, looks awesome. Almost to 6500 kills, over 1200 headshots. I've been playing it for a little over a week. I'm stuck on this game right now.

But I'm still getting H3 when it drops. It's Halo 3. I'm going to be playing these games online for a while.

nobizlikesnowbiz4058d ago

Yes it's totally disgusting.

In a good way.