Eurogamer - Tech Interview: Halo: Reach

Stop us if we're getting too technical... on the other hand, don't bother! When the opportunity arose to talk tech with Bungie on any topic of our choosing, let's just say that we didn't hold back. And luckily for us, neither did the studio. What we have here is a titanic 6000 word insight into the technical make-up of the Xbox 360's biggest exclusive of the year.

In this piece, we go into depth on a vast array of technical topics: we talk about the deferred rendering solutions employed by the Halo games, the enhancements made for Reach, anti-aliasing, atmospherics and alpha, plus we talk about how high-dynamic range lighting is handled in the new game.

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Xwow20082869d ago

Nice article..very informative. :)

Strange_Evil2869d ago

A little too informative lol. half the things went over my head. But love how Digital Foundry does in depth analysis of all top games..

dragonelite2868d ago

Yeah the first part is for the real graphics whores.

Malebaria2868d ago

Gotta love DF's informative techy articles.

Masterchef20072868d ago

Really informative. I only wished they did this with Uncharted 2 cause that game has some amazing tech behind it. BTW i am not trolling it is just my opinion

gypsygib2868d ago

I all I know is that Reach was very technically impressive most of the time - it had freaking ghosting. The SP was a ton of fun so I guess it doesn't matter.