Journey steals the show at PlayStation preview event in NYC

The Globe & Mail: Plenty of attention-grabbing games were on display at Sony’s annual December showcase of recent and upcoming PlayStation wares in New York City on Thursday.

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NecrumSlavery2866d ago

I love this Demon's Souls meets ICO online concept. It's really unique. You could follow someone, or be followed. you could work on your own or try to work with someone else. The silence is beautiful. Like lost souls who come together and "just know". Words are not needed because everyone knows that the purpose here is too journey on and I think it's awesome.

I first saw the sharp shooter gun on the GS Killzone 3 preview. I want to see it in action. I like all the features on it and I think this thing appears to be designed with not only Killzone, but SOCOM 4 in mind. If I could change something on it from just seeing it, I would have made it a nice shiny or gun metal black. It kind of screams a little Wii Zapper cause of it's color is white-ish a bit. But other than that it looks solid. I hope this means there are more Move shooters coming. I really want to see House of the Dead: OVERKILL 3D HD. It was short but it's my favorite railshooter ever. The Grindhouse style from the music to the visuals(The end cracks me up with it's cinematic approach) and cheezy dialog come together so brilliantly.

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SpartanPrince2866d ago

They cant make the shooter black because of some laws since it will make it too realistic. We dont need more accidents where innocent little kids get shot

zootang2866d ago


I think the reason why it (sharpshooter) has to be white is because of importing and exporting? That's what someone told me when I asked why the Guncon was orange.

Mmmkay2866d ago

nah.. that's just so you can rob liquor stores at night.

Bordel_19002866d ago

Journey looks amazingly beautiful. I have high hopes for this game.

sway__z2866d ago

It's a nice feeling owning a console with risk taking developers working on it. The fact that these types of games get greenlit is cool. More risks, innovation and creativity in the games world is a good thing for gamers tired of the endless sequels and FPS's....This is why I own a Sony console :)

NecrumSlavery2866d ago

totally agree with you.

Sony = new ideas

When people go the COD route and don't experience these types of creative new games, I feel sad for them. Games like Flower or Heavy Rain are found no where else. They are completely risky and totally original. Genres that you can't really define because no one else has ever thought to create stories and gameplay like this before. That is why I am a Sony gamer.

RedDead2866d ago

Is it not ok to have cod and Ico?


sheep buying trash while ignoring the gems

cereal_killa2866d ago

RedDeadDestroyer nothing wrong with it at all but I have to agree with LORD-PHOENIX here so many great games get left behind when it comes to people experiencing new IPs and games they want to stick to what they know and thats the problem with company's like Activision, M$ and up till recently EA (only a few new titles from EA everything else is the same old rehashed sh!t) they want to keep giving you the same thing over and over because they know you will buy it COD, Guitar Hero, Halo, Gears when Games like Alan Wake, Dead Space, Heavy Rain ect go unrecognized for the most part as top games of that year.


from ico to flower to heavy rain the last guardian now this....

no homo im loving sony right bout now 2011 will be the best year in gaming since pong

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Raendom2866d ago

Journey very likely to be PSN GOTY. Visually it's stunning, and the premise is really cool. Totally different to FlOW or Flower.

sway__z2866d ago

@[email protected]@NecrumSl avery

Yeah, the REAL gamers know where it's at.....Come to think of it, I can't see any thing the PS3 is lacking right now.

It's great time to be a gamer!

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