Sound off: PlayStation Home

Gamepro: With PlayStation Home turning two this weekend, we wanted to find out the fondest memories from its users. Read on to learn what people love about the service.

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seeing a massive group doing it is soo funny

SMOK3xFFx2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I remember walking into the theater and think awesome I can actually watch full movies with my friends! But then all that ever came on the screen was that damn Twilight trailer over and over again.

Getting pwned by all the people in chest was also fun. And when that Othelo game on the Loco island came out getting my revenge and pwning all those people was also fun.

thebudgetgamer2867d ago

there's a group of us that meet up in home once a week.
check the forum.

Redempteur2867d ago

XI and the Xi ending dance event.

I hope the spiritual successor fo Xi comes soon

sway__z2867d ago

I'm glad Home exists at all.

It is there to unite gamers across the world who might never have met before under any other circumstances.

I don't use Home any more, just because it's time consuming, time a commodity I have very little of nowadays :(

strotee2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

"time a commodity I have very little of nowadays"

But yet you found time to add 59 messages on N4G in 4 days.

ZILLA2867d ago

one of the best moments in HOME was the huge convetion they had for E3 in 09,they had a stage set up to watch E3 live and also trailers and talk about inFAMOUS.HOME is a gamers universe(period)

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The story is too old to be commented.