SFX-360: Gran Turismo 5 Review

SFX-360: "To get this started off let me say this, Gran Turismo 5 is without a doubt hands down the best simulation driving experience I have seen in my life. Jam packed with more cars, tracks, and the relationship between the two elements is mind blowing. Even through all the glitz and glam there is a noticeable flaw between the simulation driving and race simulation. The AI is lacking and it kind of ruins that single player aspect. The graphics can be at times not up to standard, but you can give a little room for imperfections due to all that is crammed into Gran Turismo 5. All in all, Gran Turismo 5 is still a great game even with all the small imperfections. So let’s get in the driver’s seat, put on our five point harness, and go where the rubber meets the road in SFX-360’s Review of Gran Turismo 5."

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