MLB 11 The Show: The real baseball Simulator

Have you ever imagine what would be to see a 100mph pitch come directly at you, and even more trying to swing it in real life in a videogame, well now you can MLB 11 The Show will have 3D support and MOVE. Yes you are reading right you can now swing at the ball at a more real enviroment thanks to Move and 3D.

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jp_footy22920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

i am looking forward to this and virtua tennis 4, both should be fun.

Lou-Cipher2920d ago

Yeah, me too.

I think we all saw 3D & Move coming to MLB The Show this year. it would of been absolutely ignorant of Sony not to do that.

The MLB The Show franchise is my favorite sports franchise out there, and I cant wait for march to get here.

zootang2920d ago

It's a joke that they don't sell MLB The Show in the UK.

Lou-Cipher2920d ago

Do you guys get Madden/NBA/NHL games over there?

StanLee2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

@ zootang

Even in North America it's hard to find on store shelves if not in the first few weeks of release. A great franchise but it doesn't get the publicity or fanbase of EAs or 2Ks sport titles. Even in America baseball doesn't seem to be as big as it used to be. The guys who still love baseball aren't the guys into video games, they're into viagra and cyallis.

zootang2920d ago


Yeah we get all of them, they aren't the ones I'm after though :(


It's a shame we don't get more Baseball over here. I appreciate the heritage of the sport and it's simple beginnings.

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never_waste_a_bullet2920d ago

Oh Sweet! I love mlb the show and this is going to tilt my decision to get a move

likedamaster2920d ago

The best baseball game, imo.

Bnet3432920d ago

I wonder who's going to be on the cover? I bet Brian Wilson and his beard lol.