The 13 Reveals of the Spike TV Video Game Awards

Everything there is to know about the 13 reveals at tomorrows VGAs and more.

Rory Young of Game Rant writes: "Tomorrow begins what could be considered the biggest gaming event of the year, the Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010. Thirteen separate reveals for some of the biggest titles of 2011 and beyond. There is an award show in there too, but Spike, publishers and gamers alike know that everyone is tuning in especially for those announcements.

In preparation of the event, here are all of the confirmed, all-but-confirmed and rumored reveals for the event. Altogether, there are nine titles that are certain to make an appearance, leaving four empty spots left to be filled. Considering what’s already been announced, just what could the VGAs be holding up their sleeves?"

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Red_Orange_Juice2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I may watch it, probably on adthe or
2am in mainland Europe (1am in Portugal).

velocitygamer2872d ago

I'll jizz my pants if they reveal Syphon Filter 5. I hope sony's big reveal isn't Uncharted 3, since we all saw that coming.

TheLastGuardian2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Of Course It's not Sony already revealed Uncharted 3. They are holding an event to reveal a playstation 3 exclusive. I hope they reveal Sly 4 the day after the VGAs and they should show a trailer and some gameplay. I hope it's been in development for a year or so and it will come out christmas 2011.

IneedWeed2872d ago

Yeah probably going to watch part of it also, maybe towards the end for GOTY award. This year I say Starcraft II deserves it, but doubt it'll win. God of War III GOTY for me.

Next years GOTY will be a lot more interesting with games like Uncharted 3, The Last Gaurdian, FF XIII VS, Rage, Crysis 2, KZ3, Batman AC, and many others.

I hope they announce more games for both Xbox 360, Wii and Sony. MGS 5, Resident Evil 6, Syphon Filter 5, Star Hawk, GTA V, Halo 4, Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Galaxy 3, God of War IV, any of these games announcements would be great.

DOMination2872d ago

One of them is elder scrolls v. The new psm3 mag in uk came out today and features it along with drakes deception

AusWarrior2872d ago

Can't wait for it, I love this time of year for gaming!

Torkith2872d ago

He says Portal 2 is console exclusive to PS3 at the bottom... Uhhh that's a bad error.

IneedWeed2872d ago

He meant exclusively better lol, just like MK 9 will be exclusively better on PS3.

Convas2872d ago

Yeah, I laughed, really, REALLY hard when I saw that.

femshep2872d ago

im totally going to watch it i do hope some of the unknow titles are

the new silent hill
star wars old republic release date
Catherine us release
tomb raider teaser

wingman32x2872d ago

I can't wait for the VGA's this year. Last years show was horrible, but it seems like they're really trying to make the show newsworthy. I'm really hoping for a bombshell, but I don't think we're going to get it. Here's my dream announcement.

FFVII remake: Can you imagine the crowds reaction to this? There's a trailer at the end of the show. It's a black screen for a few seconds, then all of a sudden you hear the "Battle Start" SFX and a remastered battle theme. You see HD versions of Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa in a short turn based battle. After the celebration scene, the picture fades and the FFVII logo pops up. The crowd would go insane.

Of course, I hope for this every year at every game show, only to be disappointed...again.

femshep2872d ago

cause square has said they are not doing one nor should there be one FF7 was a good game but its not the best ff

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