Gaming Nexus: Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Review

Gaming Nexus: "A few years back, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z was everywhere. The series was and is, arguably, the most successful anime in terms of the popularity that it has garnered since making its way out of Japan. At one point in time, it seemed as though every single kid I knew of, under the age of 12 was completely infatuated with the series and its characters. Everywhere that I looked, it was there: backpacks, school folders, action figures, Halloween costumes... you name it. Out of the popularity has come an onslaught of video games for every single platform imaginable, from home console to portable device. From the perspective of an outsider to the craze, all of the games have seemed the same to me: over the top fighting action with incredibly animated characters that I just didn’t “get”. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 looked to be more of the same, only this one happened to “click” with me. Bear with me if I sound a little ignorant on the Dragon Ball topic, but that is because I am."

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