We Need Harder Games

GamerNode's Dan Crabtree writes: This is coming from the perspective of a gamer who considers himself an expert only at games predating the Xbox. You know the ones: Jet Force Gemini, Double Dragon, the original Donkey Kong Country, Tetris. And all of these games, at least to some extent, were pretty hard. And with the recent release of Donkey Kong Country: Returns and my struggle through it, I realized how long it's been since a full game has challenged me that much.

Sure, there are Veteran, Insane, and IMPOSSIBLE modes on most games now (especially FPS titles), but if it gets to be too difficult, you can still finish the game on any other difficulty with almost the same result. Oh, what, you're going to give me an achievement for slogging through hours of miserably tedious firefights, popping out of cover for a second only to return to cover for like a minute while my health recharges? It's boring and frankly unproductive to play those modes with certain games, which is why games need to be harder.

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SMOK3xFFx2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

DKC: Returns wasn't THAT hard, harder then most games these days though so I can see where you're coming from. There are a few extremely hard games, pick up Deamon's Souls on PS3 or Trials HD on XBLA for a real challenge.......and maybe some broken controllers.

Dark_Charizard2867d ago

Ya, looking at your comment history I'm certain you play Wii games!!! Now let me educate you: DKC Returns is extremely hard and will put your skills to the ultimate test. I've played demon souls and trust me on this, DKC R is a much harder game.

SMOK3xFFx2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

What is something only someone who played it would know? Ask me anything.

scar202867d ago

Yes DKC returns is hard.

Murpho2867d ago

You raise a good point. A lot of games nowadays are hard because they make you grind through, not require you to have skill. Whether or not it's possible to develop a game that can emphasize skill with difficulty for genres like FPS is another story. That's pretty much up to the developers to figure out.

italianbreadman2867d ago

I feel like difficulty only matters in specific genres, designed as a test of skill. In many others, good mechanics, design, and story are all I need, regardless of how easy or difficult the path to the closing credits is.

dirthurts2867d ago

Agreed. Some games are not fun when they are hard.
Such as an open world fps...
Walk 5 minutes to a destination and be gunned down by the first guy you see (stalker...) only to start back at the 5 minute walk again...not so fun.

italianbreadman2866d ago

Oh jeeze, you hit the nail on the head about STALKER. I find the game to be so interesting, but it is a BITCH to struggle to enjoy.

xino2867d ago

who will buy harder games!?
you think publishers can afford dev making hard games and no one buying them?

do you research.

Easy games sell more!

dirthurts2867d ago

It was a cheap way to make games last longer.
Now games can last 50 you really want a game that you have to struggle through for 50 hours?
I'll admit I would like to see more games with higher difficulty levels, but I don't think in general they should be difficult unless the gameplay relies on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.