Holiday Buyer's Guide

Brutal Gamer has released their Holiday Buyer's Guide. A full 23 pages packed with 69 sure fire hits from this year.

Chances are you know or love a gamer. If not, then you should find one close by and begin to love them. They really are not that bad. Honest.

Do you have your gamer? Good.

The chances are also good that you will be looking for a gift for that gamer in your life and perhaps you are a bit confused, perplexed, puzzled, mystified, confounded, baffled, bewildered, bemused, and even befuddled about what to get him/her.

Relax. There is no need to be scared, nervous, worried, frightened, terrified, afraid, anxious, or even vexed by the idea of heading off into the world of video games. Brutal Gamer has got you covered.

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Viatrophy2922d ago

Within the article you can find both an online viewable file, as well as a direct-download for the .pdf file containing the entire guide.

moosehound2922d ago

Wow! Great guide dude. Plenty of stuff in there I'd forgotten about from this year ;)

Dogfingers2921d ago

Good stuff there. Reminded me what a good year 2010 was.