Uncharted 3: Drake's Inception

Bitmob Writer Mike Minotti: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's unveiling has me really excited. I'm not sure what to do with that excitement, especially since the game won't be out for another year. Some parody box art is probably a good place to start. Isn't it amazing what changing two little letters can do?

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cloud4952958d ago

Lol maybe this is the game nolan was talking about a few weeks ago

Agent_Cody_Banks2958d ago

I didn't think Inception was anything special.

visualb2957d ago

i bet you loved cody banks though right ;)

M4I0N32957d ago

LoL, that cody banks film was so crap, he should stick to malcolm in the middle- which was the most funny, amazing family sitcom i've seen. I think its so much better than the crap Simpsons put on these days, trying to rip jokes off Family Guy.

DasBunker2957d ago

it was good but nothing special... i guess the charm is it makes people feel smart when they watch a pseudo complex movie.

ExplosionSauce2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

We have a movie expert in N4G! I guess haters gonna hate. Especially because it's so popular too.
You could say it makes you feel smarter by calling people out about watching it to feel smart.

Over 95% of films out there aren't even as complex.
I didn't find Inception to be that complex in the first place. I just found the plot to be intriguing and simply liked it.

Downtown boogey2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )


Yeah I noticed how some, well, ´not so intelligent´ people enjoyed it very much, indeed, but couldn't really explain why. It's not really a complex movie. Not emotionally, at least.
All in all, it IS a special movie, though not in movie making aspects but the magic is mostly in the script. In the ideas. It's a completely original basis and it was so profoundly fleshed out.

DasBunker2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

@ Explosion
so do i have to be a movie expert to voice out my opinion about a movie? sorry didnt know that, i never said people watched it to feel smart :S.. and thats why i said "pseudo".. youre right the movie isnt complex, no need to inflate our egos over it right? right?

ExplosionSauce2957d ago

Sorry, you just happened to have the same argument other people did.

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choadley2958d ago

I still need to see Inception.

Commander_TK2957d ago

Something must be wrong with you.

IneedWeed2957d ago

lol make a video with Inception audio with Uncharted Cut scenes and it'll be golden

writersblock2957d ago

A photoshopped image does not an article make

Quagmire2957d ago

Welcome to N4G, you'll be seeing this kinda crap between every "COD IS TEH AWESOME" and "Top 10 List of something slightly gaming related" articles.

acronkyoung2956d ago

That's why it's under the "Image" category and not the "Article" one.

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