Joystiq:- Kinect Hacks: Self-driving car

Kinect has already gained the ability to fly, and now it can drive. Researchers at University of Bundeswehr Munich attached a Kinect sensor and a laptop to a small (formerly) remote-controlled car, loaded it with software based on the program used to run the MuCAR-3 in the DARPA Urban Challenge, and made a tiny, self-navigating car.

In the video after the break, the adorable little robot proves that it can carefully avoid obstacles -- even really tiny traffic cones. We're left with only one question after this demonstration: where can we get our own tiny traffic cones?

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Bigpappy3504d ago

Why was this not around when I was a Kid? Stupid auto-steering cars would always crash into everything or get stuck. I left that POS alone and went for the "Hot-wheels" track instead.