IGN: The Year in Sex 2010

Sex and video games aren't often joined in the same thought, but they have something essential in common. They rely on the optimism of their participants to reach escape velocity. In the same way a pessimistic lover could fixate on toenails, ingrown hairs, and cryptic moles, a player could shake her head at a game's framerate, textures that blur up close, and robotic AI.

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MultiConsoleGamer2871d ago

An article about sex in video games written for the average 15 year old. Grow up IGN.

Dark_Charizard2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Did the contributor just show doggy-style?

Killzone3Helghast2871d ago

someone had already used this image for an article before..

Cevapi882871d ago

everytime i see that picture, it pisses me off...there were so many reports for this story and yet it still gets approved

DORMIN2871d ago

....and people wonder why gamers gamers have an immature stereotype.

IGN is really losing itself lately, is this because of Gamestop?

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DoomeDx2871d ago

I think its funny,

all articles about sex, are always getting to the 1000c degrees

cwir2870d ago

Exactly. Talk about hits generators. Every time.

ChrisW2870d ago

Better yet, grow up contributors!

renegade2871d ago

Now ign is pornographic site great... S/

IneedWeed2871d ago

Liar! I tried masturbating to this article, but I'm just losing wood here. /s

IGN wrote a 3 page article on this wow.... How do I get a job ranting about random stupid crap.

Theoneneo812871d ago

Become a Video game "journalist" as i use that last word lightly doesn't take much skills as it once did...


@Ineed Weed

I was about to agree with you on the 3 page of crap but I just looked at the numbers of agree and I got myself thinking how many of those actually tried to have some personal time with this article... The worst part is that, knowing the internet, I wouldn't doubt some actually tried. Well I agreed anyway.

gillri2871d ago

this picture gave me a semi

Dan502871d ago

At least the ESRB isn't slamming down the ban hammer as much when it comes to sex and are being less puritanical.

Jamegohanssj52871d ago

I want the full picture please.


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The story is too old to be commented.