FilePlanet Giving Free DC Universe PS3/PC Keys

FilePlanet, Founders' Club and IGN Insider members in North America will get access into this exclusive beta. Choose either the PC or PS3™ beta. Keys are extremely limited! Not a member? Join Today!

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snowb4203503d ago

Title is very misleading. It requires a subscription, obviously means it's not free.

WildArmed3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

lol people have a effen up view of the word free.
I could name a few things that people call 'free', but that'd just just start a flame war I'm not willing to put down right now.

FACTUAL evidence3503d ago

Sweet I want one! Hey, a little off topic but i just checked my email and got sackboy prehistoric moves for free....I got a voucher code for free. I'm not ps+ either...guess it's cus i play lbp a lot?

PirateThom3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

My email said it was for getting a gold trophy in LBP.

Wonder if this is the PS Reward Program thing?

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3503d ago

Yeah very misleading As soon as I read the title I went to my free account to see if I can get into it. But it is for paying subscribers. Well I guess their is the PSN plus option but I dont think im going that route either.

Joni-Ice3503d ago

Seriously IGN, your starting to piss me off. Change your misleading title.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3503d ago

How is this IGN's fault it's the moron who titled it, and the even bigger morons who approved it.

OhReginald3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago ) much for free...

EDIT: the title should be..."FilePlanet Giving Free DC Universe PS3/PC Beta Keys...for a price.."

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The story is too old to be commented.