Top 3 Wins and Fails of the PS3

GameSector writes: After tinkering with the PS3, 360, Wii, DS, and PSP for a while we here at Game Sector have decided to take each console and look at what they each do best and what they do worst. Each console will get its on article and we will aim to be as non-biased as we possibly can. All 5 machines are excellent devices and offer unique experiences from one another.

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Sackdude2872d ago

Free online play = WIN

Pay to play online = FAIL

Capt-FuzzyPants2872d ago

Yea free online is always a win. I dont see a lot of problems in it either. It could use some improvements but its definitely good.

SilverSlug2872d ago

True, but having more 'online game features' is better than having Vulu app.

Though, I'm fine with the way it is, just seems that Sony needs to change their priorities.

SMOK3xFFx2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


Free online play = WIN

Pay to play online = FAIL

Wierd isn't it?


XBL has way better features/support and they are always the first to get new things. Cross-game chat is just one of the many awsome features.

nickjkl2872d ago

Why u mad though

psn peer to peer

xbl peer to peer

psn f2p

xbl p2p

psn has a bunch of things xbl doesnt have

xbl has cross game chat

Sackdude2872d ago Show
SMOK3xFFx2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


You get what you pay for.

-Deal of the Week
-XBL Most Wanted
-In Stores Now
-Family/Core programming option
-Family security controls
-IGN stratedize integration
-Inside Xbox free videos
-Special XBL Gold offers almost every month (This month you get "the maw" game and 25% off)
-Random arcade game deals
-Download the gamer picture contests
-Video Kinect
-Acctual Facebook/Twitter integration
-Zune Marketplace
-Game room
-MSN Videos
-Xbox 101 for noobs
-Avatars/Avatar marketplace
-Achievements for every game
-Dedicated music marketplace
-Indie Games
-Games on demand
-Dashboard updates (Blades, NXE, Kinect XE)
-Voice messages
-File complaint
-Preffer/Avoid player
-Reputation stars
-X-Game chat

Comic Book Guy2872d ago

None of that stuff is worth paying for IMO. I'd rather spend my 60 bucks on a game than paying MS for the privlage of using my internet connection that I already pay for.

SMOK3xFFx2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

@Comic Book Guy

People usualy don't want what they can't have. If there was a PS++ with all these features you'd be all over it.

Besides you make your money back on Deal of the weeks and other sales through-out the year, just like PS+.

thugbob2872d ago


XBL does have good features, but you have to pay for it. PSN doesn't have all the features that XBL has, but that doesn't mean it fails.

PSN is free. Not everyone cares for all the features that XBL has. Therefore, paying for XBL but not using all the features it offers is a waste of money.

PSN is free and the most important feature any console online service can provide is playing mutiplayer games online, which PSN has. This alone is good for most people like myself.

The PSN does not fail at all. I'm fine with it and so are millions of others. I'm not saying PSN is better than XBL. I'm saying that it does not fail. Everyone is fine with PSN and do you want to guess why? It's FREE!

Trroy2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

SMOK3xFFx, you should put each individual 360 NXE panel that XBL provides on a different line, to make it look better. Also, be sure to include stuff that PSN provides, but under a different name.

Make sure you include all the ads and other crap as "features you pay for", too.

Oh wait... you did it already. Nice work.

TheBlackSmoke2872d ago

Another fail list from this guy.

Stop trying to justify your purchase of live, we all know you pay for live because you have no choice. Pay for online or dont play online, simple.

If gold has so much value then M$ should make playing online a silver feature.....oh but then no one would buy gold silly sheep baaaaaaaa

duplissi2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

really sackdude!? that is your justification for xbl!!

Deal of the Week
-XBL Most Wanted ----ads...
-In Stores Now ----ads
-Family/Core programming option ----kinda neat
-Family security controls ----hmm all consoles have this
-IGN stratedize integration ----REALLY!?
-Inside Xbox free videos ----hear of playstation pulse?
-Special XBL Gold offers almost every month (This month you get "the maw" game and 25% off) uh yeah there are always deals for normal psn, and ps+ gets even more...
-Random arcade game deals ^same as above
-Download the gamer picture contests -ooh! i want... NOT.
-Video Kinect -pseye 6 person chat...
-Acctual Facebook/Twitter integration-- a fucking browser
-Zune Marketplace ---hulu+,vudu,netflix,+ psn has more studios offering content in the store.
-Game room -----WOW... home....
-MSN Videos OOH, really!?
-Xbox 101 for noobs kinda neat
-Avatars/Avatar marketplace-- no response necessary
-Awards k but playstation rewards is coming
-Achievements for every game wow! a valid point!
-Dedicated music marketplace-- who wants to pay for music videos? plus eu has vidzone
-EPSN --mlb, nhl
-XBLA-- uh yeah so merely making a section for smaller games counts.... right...
-Indie Games-- wow!! another valid point!
-Games on demand .... ps classics, plus there are many current games available for download.
-Dashboard updates (Blades, NXE, Kinect XE)-- um yeah xmb has has several updates
-Voice messages-- cool you managed 3 valid points!!
-File complaint-- psn has
-Preffer/Avoid player-- psn has
-Reputation stars-- yeah thats worth paying for..
-X-Game chat-- and thats the only thing most want that xbl has...

Achemki2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Your list is lolz. I debated with myself for a minute whether to actually respond because I thought you might be being sarcastic, lol. It's like saying TV is better than the PC for watching shows because you get commercials.

I mean, Deal of the Week? You obviously have never been on PSN if you don't know that every week they have new deals. They even have a category for it in the store lol. Then you ALSO listed "random arcade game deals" as a separate category. I'm's like...jeebus dude lol.

You're just taking the same stuff that PSN does (in some cases better like Home) and changing the name. ESPN? Okay...and PSN has MLB and NHL. ALL of them require additional subscriptions. So why even go there?

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Too_many_games2872d ago could all stop being cheap bastards and pay a lousy 60 bucks for a great online service?

duplissi2871d ago

HA how bout i pay nothing for another great online service....

Achemki2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Well about that...unless everyone on XBL is a hermit and lives's an extra $60 for everyone in the house to have an account.

My wife plays, my daughter plays. I'm not paying $180 every year so they can have their own tracking on top of mine when the competition gives them all the same access and benefits for free. I can even share my games on other systems for free.

I'm sure now someone will say "you get what you pay for" and try to say that buying the same game twice is better than re-downloading it on up to 5 other systems for

Too_many_games2871d ago


Kinda funny since XBL has a family package, so you can have up to 4 XBL accounts for a great price.

garrod2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I love how you xbots always try to justify being ripped off lol by senselessly spamming statements like "Kinda funny since XBL has a family package, so you can have up to 4 XBL accounts for a great price." Well how about this? My PS3 comes with a great family package out of the box where I can have an unlimited number of online accounts for free :P It doesn't matter how you look at it. In the end people will choose "free" over a "great price" any day especially when there is no "significant" differences between said services lol

Too_many_games2870d ago

alright then people, you can have you're slow-ass downloads, horrible party features and an absolutely stupid patch process (Slow download on top on "installing"

and since i subscribe to BOTH Live and PSN+ i think i am well qualified to judge them.

PSN...Better Netflix. Better achievement system (Trophies)

XBL...Better speeds...more games....more features.....better friends list..... no installs after download..

"what if i wanted to buy a hammer? do you know what a hammer is?

garrod2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Oh stop being so hopelessly full of yourself. I have both and Xbox 360 and PS3. Having originally gotten my 360 first I did in fact use live for a few years until I got my PS3. So I believe I am just as "well qualified to judge them."

"Better Speeds" of course considering the Xbox has better wireless equipment than the PS3 but in the end it is not a significant enough difference to be a deal breaker for most people.

"More games" I call Bull shit on this point considering that fact that well over 600 of the available games on Xbox are Multiplatform. In terms of exclusives the Xbox 360 only has a fail 74 compared to the PS3's 186. That said the PS3 still has roughly around the same number of Multiplatform games as on 360. I don't know if your including arcade and downloadable games and backwards compatibility as well when you made that statement but even if you were your still wrong.

"More Features" Again why are you so hung up on that? Don't you get that no one cares about said "features"

"Better friends list" True but not by much. Certainly not significantly enough so to make me or plenty others migrated to Live from PSN

"No Lag" That's not true at all and you know it. I've experienced plenty of lag on Xbox live especially on Halo, Left 4 Dead and, Call of Duty 4. And you know it lags like a bitch whenever they are doing maintenance. At least PSN has the courtesy to take the service down all together.

"No install after downloads" So? Big deal? I'm a patient man, I can wait for my games to take a whole 45 seconds longer to update on my PS3 than my 360 considering that I'm getting to play online for free.

Now let me explain why I prefer PSN over Live.
I get more than acceptable performance speeds online.

On my own personal internet connection little to no lag at all ever.

Since I have a 60 Gig I can still play all of my great PS2 games online for free for no extra cost :p (as apposed to Live removing online support for all Xbox originals a very stupid move on there part)

I don't get spammed with all kinds of crap and adds like I would on live.

I don't have to worry about my interface completely changing on me and having to figure out were everything is again.

I can help cure cancer (yes I went there :P)

And most important of all! I don't have to listen to little 6 year olds bitching the whole time I'm playing games cause headsets are (thankfully) so much less common on PSN.

In the end few if any of your points are valid and it comes down to your personal opinion. Which is fine your entitled to it as a human being. All I want you to understand from this is that you have no right calling people who prefer to use PSN over Xbox Live "Cheap Bastards" considering you have no valid reason to do so aside from the fact that your a senseless and immature troll.

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ForzaGT2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

agree with all the points except PSN+ I would say give it time, the amount of PSN games and media content added to PS3 are staggering and it can only make PSN+ valuable, so I would say give it time

AmazingBrian2871d ago

I wasn't expecting these fails. What I was expecting was

#3 - 599 U.S. Dollar launch price

#2 - Loss of backwards compatibility

#1 - I honestly can't think of anything else that bad.

About this list, the communication is fine. The only thing 360 has over xbox in online chat is cross-game chat. The only reason more people talk on xbox is it comes bundled with a mic. PS3 online is great also, PSN+ is good because it still does not add many more features. PSN still has great features while being free. PSN+ subscribers do get ripped off though.

Unknow_Master2872d ago

fanboy buy sony stuff
gamer buy sony stuff

Vesemir2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Streaming bluray videos from the PC to the PS3 on the fly via LAN, using the PS3 Media Server = Pure Win.

No fails. PS3 is perfect for all my entertainment needs.

I can watch High Definition movies without using the PS3 bluray drive, I got the best games to play. No problems at all. Everything is great.

For anything else I have my good and old PC, which can be upgraded anytime I wish so.

Koromaro2872d ago

it doesnt like .Mkv to much =(

Vesemir2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I never had a problem. Get the last version, maybe it can help.

Simon_Brezhnev2872d ago

well depends how powerful your pc is i can stream 720p easily but not 1080p

Vesemir2872d ago

I see. Well, my PC is quite alright then. :)
I can stream 1080p with no problems.

duplissi2871d ago

most current computers can handle 1080 on the fly mkv re encoding via ps3 media server.

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Christopher2872d ago

Why is the PS3 always first to be reviewed in these type of articles?

As to the article, no f'n way is PS+ a fail. And, it's PS+, not PSN+ in the first place.

Anyone who says a completely optional and alternative way to buy games is bad, doesn't deserve to be a journalist IMHO. It's not like it's forced on anyone nor is it the only way to get game-specific content. It's just another way to get your game stuff.

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