Hudson Announces TurboGrafx-16 Emulator for iPhone

Today Hudson Entertainment announced a "winter" release for TurboGrafx Gamebox, an iOS application that will let users download individual TurboGrafx games. The app comes with one free game, World Sports Competition, and will have 15 more games at launch for $3.99 each.

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Projekt7tuning2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I think its cool. I still have my Turbo. Bonk's Adventure was the Sh!t. The price will drop for promotions and what-not, But there are lots of people who never got the chance to play games like Bonk's and this will bring a whole new generation of gamer into some old classics. Ys just came out for The PSP and that started on the Turbo(PC-engine). That was one of my favorites as a kid. Hopefully a lot of people will buy Bonk's adventure 1,2,whatever, and that will encourage a new Bonk's for PS3 or 360. That would make me happy. Head butt the hell out of everything on a modern system. lol. If not for the Turbo, where would Bomberman be? I love playing that with my wife on Live still against our familys in other states . We used to play Bomberman on the Turbo a few years back together when I got it out of the closet and dusted it off. lol

joeorc2959d ago

but many times those prices do get reduced for purchase deals, and there are hidden gem's that many people that own the Iphone that may have never played those game's before.

look for a ver for Android next an windows 7 i would imagine.

it's pretty smart reselling old games $4.00 may seem steep but if it's a good game , many people my go ahead an buy it if they never played the game before in their life.