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Jostein Johnsen writes: "Considering how the developers apparently have no opinion on how network lag has something to do with game-balance, or how the extreme speed makes the game very sensitive to lag, this is not very promising. The lack of customisation options and loss of private games removes any chance of the game surviving even in clans and small groups after release. Still, there is always the singleplayer game and the rumoured cooperative mode."

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Holeran2922d ago

Wow just Wow. I played in the beta as much as I could and logged in around 2800 kills in multiplayer (no bots) and all I can say is you and I must have been playing a different game because it trumps KZ2 in every way and happens to be one of my favorite first person shooters ever haveing only been able to spend the limited time in the beta. I saw a couple tweaks that needed done but overall outstanding. The only thing we agree upon is the infiltrator that I can see.

strickers2916d ago

I never want my eyes to view ever again.It might as well be written in Mandarin for all the sense it made about KZ2.