Leaderboards and my Obsession

How do you take the competitive aspect that comes from online gaming but make it so two or more people don't actually have to interact? Leaderboards of course. For as long as there has been gaming there has been competition, and back when games were mainly found in smoky arcades designed to eat up quarters from determined gamers, high scores often did the trick.

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Dark_Charizard3499d ago

Tits and my obsession....


Kai10003499d ago

I think the leader boards are a great way to keep a game active in the gaming community. I love playing games like sonic colors to see my rank against other players.

TheNartist3499d ago

I've found that a leader board can increase my play time with a game, far beyond what it's worth, or even advertised for. Rocket knight on ps3? story length: 2.5 hours. My time spent with the game: still going.

TheBlackLink3499d ago

Ahh the leaderboards. I'd totally get into them on Goldeneye if they weren't hacked to high heaven. If I actually get around to picking up Sonic Colors (which I've an increasingly imminent feeling that I will), then I'll definitely take you up on that challenge bro.