Controller, Meet Wall: When Difficulty Goes Wrong

Game Podunk Content Manager, Number905 writes, "I’m part of a masochistic minority: I really enjoy hard games. There’s a thrill and satisfaction in repeatedly playing a section, getting better each time, and finally beating it. Sure, I’ll fail a lot before I win, but I always know that I just need to be better and react faster to grasp victory. Unfortunately, a lot of games these days are doing difficulty wrong. In these games, your loss isn’t just a result of a lack of skills or familiarity. These are the games that decide cop out with some false difficulty, leaving you screaming at your television in frustration at what, somehow, passed playtesting. What follows is how gaming has gone from Nintendo hard to just plain irritating..."

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Matthew943501d ago

this is the best article ive read in years, everything is so true

BeOneWithTheGun3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Agreed! I missed the Nintendo hard until I played Demon's Souls. My own greediness and lack of patience was my untimely demise. I died a lot. Like, really a lot. Again and again.

That game didn't use cheap tactics. In fact, it even let you see what was coming. It let you test the waters and allowed YOU to choose to go a little too fast, get a little too cocky and then BAM! Cut you down, crapped down your neck and laughed as your soul stain mocked you in front of red eyed knight dude just begging you to come and try and reclaim the last hour of work.

04soldier3500d ago

DAmn You!!! Red Eyed knight.. I just thought I could defeat like the others and get your hefty souls and loot! But I was wrong...

GenericUserName3501d ago

Question, when a Kinect game gets too difficult or frustrating, do you throw yourself at the tv/wall since You're The Controller? Lol

rezzah3500d ago

Awesome article, everyone should read it.

saladthieves3500d ago

I do like to play difficult games just to see how I can overcome the challenges, or figure things out. Sometimes it's fun..but..I used to think that after beating Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on crushing mode was hard...until I played Killzone 2 on Elite difficulty...this game on Elite difficulty (if you haven't tried it) is SO UNFORGIVING; which makes you wonder why Rico and all your other AI mates are acting like BRAINDEAD?

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The story is too old to be commented.