Highlander: The Game Cancelled

It's lights out for Highlander: The Game. The video game adaptation of the cult '80s flick is no longer in development, a Square Enix representative confirmed to IGN today

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calitax2959d ago

It was a matter of time.

Years without real news or updates neither.

gaffyh2958d ago

Damnit, I was hoping it was still alive. Highlander is ripe for a game, it features so many things that are compatible with games. Big bosses, upgrades when the boss is killed, sword gameplay, new moves when you kill enemies.

morganfell2958d ago

Agreed. The game has RPG written all over it. Not an MMO - Oh look, everyone is an immortal. Personally I think they should give the IP to CD Projekt and let them make the game.

King-Leonidas2958d ago

noooooooooooo dammit i was looking forward to it \s

rebirthofcaos2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

well, as ff14 is almost dead they have lost a great amount of money,they need to cancel some games that wont sell that good, maybe this case. I hope they will learn from their mistakes. But we know they wont.

Oh yea, I hope they lost a lot of money with this game since they cancel it.

Chris3992959d ago

That game is getting up there with Duke Nukem; only there's no real light at the end of that tunnel.

Solans Scott2958d ago

I was just thinking about what happened to this game recently. I guess that answers my questions.

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The story is too old to be commented.