Bargain Bin Gaming – Brutal Legend | Mad Overdose writes: Now I know what most of you may be thinking when you see this thoughts bouncing off your thick head about “why a review about a game that’s already for more than a year?” or “I heard this games blows fat donkey balls, why should I read this crap?” Well I have some very good and surprising answers for you.

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BeOneWithTheGun2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Brutal Legend is not worth $1.00 in my opinion. This, coming from a metal (old school) head. Horrible game play. PS One graphics and I know I will get a ton of disagrees but I cannot stand Jack Black. The man is just plain irritating and not funny. Take a shower, quit the espresso and grow up. No one runs around and talks like that except a man from Animal House and you sir, are stealing his bit.

EDIT: I just realize he even stole his initials. RIP JB

ThatEnglishDude2894d ago

I thought it was a pretty fun light hearted game myself at least worth a try...or squirt in this instance.