Game Podunk - 5 Sequels to Look Out for in 2011

Game Podunker MonkJammas writes, "When I raise my head above the proverbial fence and look into 2011, I see a lot of potentially great games. Some of these games are new properties that could carve out an entire new fan base and spawn sequels for many years to come. Likewise, they face the hard struggle to get noticed in a market full of instantly recognisable brands that have already done the hard work and have an audience hanging off their every move. It is these established sequels that this article will focus on. Games which will remind us exactly why we loved the series so much and take what their predecessors achieved that one step further. I think the majority of games on this list you will agree with..."

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DoomeDx2873d ago

Am i the only one that doesnt care about the new duke nukem?

Idk.. Duke Nukem should stay oldschool.. That means, having to find health packs, instead of a regenerating health system!

Look for blue, red, and yellow keys etc.
Imagine a game like that, with top-notch graphics and ragdoll physics :D