There Can Only Be Two Games Considered For Game of the Year 2010, And Here's Why

It has been one phenomenal year in gaming. There were absolutely amazing titles from every single publisher out there this year, and gamers have rarely been able to enjoy so many good things in such a small amount of time. I literally have not been this happy with gaming releases since 2007.

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donniebaseball2867d ago

Some people will probably argue for Black Ops, Halo Reach, etc but this is a well written argument for two amazing games. No complaints here.

mike90772867d ago

yea im betting on it being Mass effect 2

Dark_Charizard2867d ago

and some people will argue for Super Mario Galaxy 2. But you don't have to mention that.

Dramscus2867d ago

I think I missed the rdr boat.
I played it hrough, did the online, and some dlc. In all honesty though it's not all that special.
Mass effect 2 is definitely a top runner though I would have God of war 3 in there because it's a rare thing for a game to have me shouting (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) from sheer adrenaline and excitement as I kill an enemy.

AndrewRyan2867d ago


You are right, I believe it's either Mass Effect 2, God of War III, or Super Mario Galaxy 2. In all honestly from experience I think Mass Effect 2 has the upper hand over God of War III. Both games are great, the graphics are amazing in God of War II, yet Mass Effect 2 is a much longer game.

It comes down to Impressive Graphics vs. Game time, and too me it would be gametime that has the upper hand since I think Mass Effect 2 on PC is quite close to God of War III, but God of War III is a spectacle, amazing how a game like that could run on a 4 year old console!

heroicjanitor2867d ago

The Golden Joysticks include Uncharted 2 this year. I think that should win it.

BulletToothtony2867d ago

if they add tomorrow's trailer of Uncharted 3 vs any game released this year.. U3 trailer would win!

Theoneneo812867d ago

Yeah I agree on God of war and ME 2 Both great Games but ME2 was longer and with the recently added Shadow Broker it was just a better feeling overall and I'm going on my 4th play through of ME 2. God of war was a great game but I played it once and haven't had a urge to play it again much as i did the first two god of war games.

Red_Orange_Juice2867d ago

Black Ops and Halo, LMAO, thats would mean it was a weak year if the Cod or Halo was named GOTY

pixelsword2867d ago

Mass effect is longer, but if you're counting length, you have to deduct for those side missions because they felt a little repetitive.

jony_dols2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I own both a 360 & PS3 (and a PSP),
I bought every major title this year for both systems,including Heavy Rain,GOW3,Halo Reach,GT5,Alan Wake,Black Ops,Splinter Cell,MGS Peace Walker,Ghost of Sparta...

And it is true that these 2 games (ME2 & RDR) are the best games of 2010.

I would personally choose Red Dead Redemption as my favorite.
That game was amazing. John Marston was the first VG character I felt actually empathy for,the story telling and the sheer atmosphere is unparalleled by any other game I have ever played (ME2,UC3 & Bioshock are the only comparable games that have as near as much atmosphere as RDR).

It's only a pity that AW came out the same week....I would have put it at joint 3rd with GOW3...

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tablav2867d ago

I'm with you...I got RDR on day 1 expecting it to be the most amazing game ever...and it was a great game.

But for all it's faults, I still preferred GTA. I found RDR to be like Assassin's Creed in that it was spectacularly impressive to begin with, but after a while it just became repetitive and I lost interest. And while the ending was a nice touch, I found myself just unable to care about the result.

...but that's just me...

RedDevils2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Same here, I was really enjoying RDR but after awhile for some reason I don't feel like playing it anymore, I might sell it or trade it or sell it in the future

joydestroy2867d ago

i agree with the choices

AKS2867d ago

Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 are actually my #1 and #2 picks currently, but I could also definitely see how others might prefer God of War III, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Gran Turismo 5, Star Craft II, or Heavy Rain. I think all of those games are quite good and worth of consideration.

Aaroncls72867d ago

GOTY is Mass Effect 2, which is 2010's Uncharted 2.

ngecenk2867d ago

well GoW3 should be mentioned. its the game with highest metacritic this year.

NeoBasch2866d ago

Honestly, I'd sooner consider God of War III, Heavy Rain, and Bayonetta, over Red Dead Redemption. RDR was not nearly as good as critics made it out to be. As mentioned before, the side missions are repetitive. The controls left something to be desired: horse gameplay, need I say more. I'd mention RDR, but I wouldn't give it GotY. That's just the way I see it.

Vaud-Villian2866d ago

Im no Einstein but I do think Mass Effect 2's 96 and Red Dead Redemptions 95 beats God of War III's 92.

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princejb1342866d ago

gow 3 for me
i cant say mass effect 2 since i havent played it

The_Devil_Hunter2866d ago

I know I might get bashed for this but I really enjoyed Castlevania: LoS. I know to some it isnt anywhere near GotY but I enjoyed it lot, the story especially.

As for RDR the Im barely halfway through and its a really awesome way but for some reason, I loose interest in it every now and then. But its still an awesome game, no doubt.

whitbyfox2866d ago

This article is daft. Mario Galaxy 2 is the highest rated game of all of these on gamerankings and metacritic.

TheLastGuardian2866d ago

Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game of this generation. I didn't even like westerns before this game. I wasn't even planning on buying it until a week before it's release and I'm so glad I did. I've sunk 100 hours into RDR and Undead Nightmare Single player and 200 hours into multiplayer. I haven't gotten that much out of one game in a long time.

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tony67672867d ago

red dead loll goty no way its just another gta style. its should be ME2 and Gow3 period.

donniebaseball2867d ago

Yeah, GoW 3 is pretty freaking amazing too, no doubt

Areeb112866d ago

honestly it seems like the editor is just butthurt because he couldn't play UC 2 last year ergo his nominees this year are games available on the xbox 360.

I think the only way to consider a game for GotY is for there to be just ONE game for every major console.
not counting handlhelds ofcourse.
so it would ultimately be Mass Effect 2/RDR vs God of War 3 vs Super Mario Galaxy 2.

George Sears2867d ago

Im sorry but judging by your biased comment I see you have not played Red Dead Redemption at all. Everything R* has accomplished throughout there years as sandbox dominance company have all been cultivated into this well crafted masterpiece.

Not only has there gameplay system been revamped, but everything but the physics engine and graphics have all been more tolerable from past games. Obviously, the newer the game, the better the graphics so lets nub this out for comparisons sake.

This game has on overall compelling story and incredible immersion. Basically, everything you do feels western, everything you do feel 1912. The scenery of the game makes the game downright epic.

Everything from horseback riding, cow herding, horse lassoing, arm wrestling, horse shoe throwing, hunting animals towards other things like helping (or killing) those in needs, challenging bold yet stupid strangers to Mexican showdowns, bounty hunting, poker playing (if you are caught cheating you have hell to pay) blackjack playing all help give that over all western feel. And this my friend is just replay value.

The atmosphere is downright perfect. The incredible scenery towards the vast desert landscape all gives that great western feel. That moral based decision system of wether being a legend of the west or just a downright outlaw gives you this plateau of options of what you as a player would morally do if you encounter an individual in need of assistance throughout your journey.

I would really appreciate for you to comment as to why you think this game is just like GTA. Because if this is the case than any game that is in X type of genre is nothing but the a mockup of past titles.

tony67672867d ago Show
George Sears2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Wow and here I expected a great response but I see I'm talking to a ten year old. Nevermind kid.

Mista T2867d ago

I disagree, the game turned out boring. and the replay value is bad. straight and to the point

deadreckoning6662867d ago

Thx for ruining the ending Tony


Parapraxis2867d ago

George Sears, you've made it blatantly clear that you think RDR is a masterpiece and nothing will change your mind.

You also claimed that tony6767 didn't play it because he doesn't share the same affection for the game which you do (maybe a bit too much affection?)

So from the get-go you called him bias and said he hadn't played it, and yet you expect HIM to read your little review and simply change his mind or give you a heartfelt reply?

Give it up man.
I like RDR too, but you have gone a bit overboard, not to mention you were insulting.

dragon822867d ago

It suffers from the same problems as GTA IV for me. The game is great but there is a clear lack of direction at some points in the game. I find myself just wandering around and doing nothing because I have no idea what I should be doing next. It also feels like the same old thing after about an hour of playing. Don't get me wrong I do love the game its just not what its hyped up to be.

tablav2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I disagree entirely (EDIT: okay, not entirely) with Mr. Sears here, but that response was pathetic. For one thing, you ruined the ending for anyone that hasn't played it!!!!

...and George, your arguement is concise and well put, but I would have to disagree with the replay value of the title. For me, at least, everything was fun to do the first time around, but after the story the side quests and minigames just weren't that absorbing.

It felt like so much work went into the authentic game world and physics that the gameplay itself suffered.

The writing was genius though.

Theoneneo812867d ago

How is he bias He has a Right to opinion if he doesnt like it he doesnt like it.

George Sears2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Yeah, I guess I went a bit bias myself right at the start but I just don't really like it when people call something as if it's exactly like the rest as if it doesn't have an identity of its own. Case in point, Red Dead and GTA series. Sure, there are both based on the same genre and created by the same devs but beyond that they are not the same. It's like saying God of War 3 is the same as Bayonetta or that Forza 3 is the same thing as GT5.


I have played all three games... and for just pure fun it has to be GOW3! Mass effect is a great game with a nice story but the controls and new system was not perfect... and the story is even keel with no real suprises or great moments except the end...
I expected more from Mass EFFECT.

Red Dead starts out slow and the controls are TERRIBLE! it takes way to long to get interesting and the cut scenes were too long and boring... but when the story picks up it get very exciting but the controls still hurt the game... WHY CANT YOU CANGE THE SETTINGS? this is still a great game even though you can see the twists a mile away... but goty??? its not even a top ten game of all time...

NOW... God of war 3 is! the game does not pretend to even have a story... nor does it have a tutorial on how to attack... its just a stupid excuse for hardcore kratos fans to see him beat the fuck out of some annoying gods! the battles are epic... the twist are unpredictable... the graphics are jaw dropping... its simply a masterpiece that is right there with uncharted and whats more THE ENDING MEANS ITS THE LAST IN THE SERIES... we should semd the creators of gow away with goty!

NeoBasch2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Surprisingly enough, I agree with Judalation. I think he hit it on the head really. I've played all three as well, and I prefer God of War III for the time being. I might cave and switch back to Mass Effect 2 (game has master-class direction), or I might side with the more emotional experience Heavy Rain. But so far, God of War III has been leading for some time now for me. The experience is unparalleled. I'd rather play play that over and over, than play a game just because it's longer. Quality > Quantity. Also, I'd consider Bayonetta. The game has literally some of the best action scenes I've ever seen.

Areeb112866d ago

Just like any other GTA;

Protagonist brought in to crime world either by choice or obligation.
endless hours of exploring (discounting time to and from side missions and Main story)
Unsolid shooting mechanics and cover system
Bugs including horse-faced ladies and the like etc.etc.
Does that answer your question? or can you get more butt-hurt about not having a ps3? and if u have a ps3... seriously wtf is wrong with you? you have multi-platform games for 360 because they are literally running out of ideas. and Alan Wake crackdown 2 are not worth considering (maybe Alan Wake but not C2)
and honestly name me ONE thing unique in RDR that we haven't seen in a sandbox game or any game in general?
God of War 3 has 1600 foot titans
Heavy Rain has a very powerful and inter-active narrative
Mass Effect 2 has actual replayability and is just downright awesome in its concept and execution.
go on... enlighten me?

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NecrumSlavery2867d ago

Well I personally think that GTA IV was such a mediocre game, that some people who got turned off by it attack R* for no reason. Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games this generation, and the best western game of all time.

Of course titles like Mass Effect 2, RDR, and God of War 3 easily deserve GotY.

But my personal GotY goes to HEAVY RAIN, for it's unique originality, which also included photorealistic environments, endless story paths, great dialog, interesting plots, real adult maturity over cheap thrills of gore, nudity, or profanity. It was a really deep and immersive experience, and I thought it did something no other game did(This blew Indigo Prophecy out of the water as well.)

MariaHelFutura2867d ago

My personal GOTY is GT5.

But it`ll probably be RDR in the gaming media.

GenericUserName2867d ago

Your avatar is disturbing. For that reason I hope gt5 wins nothing. Probably won't unless there's a category for "best ps3 exclusive released in november that isn't a psn game or an HD remastering" then it will clench it for sure

MariaHelFutura2867d ago

It wins my GOTY and that`s all that matters to me.

Richard_Hammond2867d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is the GOTY of '10

dragon822867d ago

GT5 is my personal GOTY as well. I do think Super Mario Galaxy 2 should get it though as its the highest rated game this generation and is nearly perfect in every way. The only reason it wont win is because its on the Wii and released early in the year.

Boody-Bandit2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I agree MariaHelFutura.

GT5 is my favorite game of 2010.

King-Leonidas2867d ago

so do I GT5 is GOTY for me

BABY-JEDI2866d ago

GT5 gets my vote because of your disturbing avatar, also because it's a damn good game; P

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NovusTerminus2867d ago

I am voting for Resonance of Fate for my GoTY. Allot of thought needed in the gameplay. And the characters are great.

Don't worry about the disagree's, I know I am a loner in my opinion. And I am not saying ME2 and RDR are bad, I own and liked both of them.

NeoBasch2866d ago

You, sir, deserve a bubble. Your opinion is what counts. Don't listen to the naysayers.

ajlopo2867d ago

Red Dead could have been awesome, but as usual with Rockstar games the controls are crappy. I really wanted to finish the game but it was not nearly as immersive for me as Mass Effect 2.

vickers5002867d ago

There's nothing wrong with the controls in Red Dead, unless you were hoping for some light arcadey type controls with no weight or realism at all.

ajlopo2867d ago

sorry John Marsten controls like he was drunk and the controls are not intuitive at all. I've been playing games for over 25 years I should not have to think about the controlled or constantly get out the wrong weapon type, etc when I am playing. It takes you out of the experience.

vickers5002866d ago

There's this little thing called "adapting" to controls. Not every game is supposed to feel like you're hopped up on speed and can make a full body turn instantaneously without even actually turning around. Red Dead is a more realistic game, not some ADD induced sandbox arcade game where most of your time is spent blowing up cars with rocket launchers or racing cars off a building, it's a game about the wild west, and if you were expecting something other than a western game or didn't like westerns, then you have no place complaining about the quality of the game, because it wasn't made for you.

ajlopo2865d ago

Unbelievable, you didn't think I knew what I was getting when I picked this game up?? Of course I wanted a western, and I've played a ton. Also there are plenty of games out there that have realistic movement in characters that doesn't feel like a chore to play like Alan Wake, ME2, Call of Duty, etc. Your comments are a cop out.

vickers5002865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Well no sh*t those games don't feel like a chore to play, they're unrealistic. In CoD you're a super commando infantry man who can run faster than any man on Earth, in ME2 you're a space soldier trying to save the human race from aliens, those games use that unrealistic approach because they're unrealistic games.

Face it, you just hate the fact that you have to learn something new and can't just zip across point A to point B within a nanosecond. That's not the fault of the game that you can't stand that, it's yours. Red Dead isn't supposed to be the same formulaic third person shooter that the industry is flooded with these days, it's a game that requires a bit more skill to play.

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