Retro Gaming Why Wii Enjoy it

Now it's no surprise we all love old video games. We replay them for entertainment, enjoyment, and experience. A big reason for many is to relive those moments when you were a kid coming home from school running to play your NES, N64 or even as far back as hanging out in the arcades

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purin4061d ago

I love old games too
InvisableLuigi makes a valid point when he states "Back then, the games didn’t tell you where to go or how to solve a puzzle if you were stuck. You had to figure it out on your own or just give up."
After I started downloading my favorite VC titles to my wii back in March I noticed something: those games are harder now than when I was in grade school. I cannot say for a fact that retro games were more challenging than current games, but it could be one heck of a scholarly journal entry. ;)

Rooftrellen4061d ago

Old games were harder. I think a lot of people like that level of difficulty because when they finish a game, it really means something.

Compare a series that started on the NES to how hard the games are now. Mega Man, Final Fantasy, many many games that started out up to 20 years ago and we see sequals are similar games from the same developers today, the old games were hard!

Imalwaysright4061d ago

yeah games were harder back then and in many games we didnt had a save option. I still remember playing a game for 4 hours straigth just to start from the beginning... that really pissed me off

sumfood4u4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I remember playing Mike Tyson punch out! when i was like 8 or 7 too me 4 hours to get to him. Now it takes like 18mins. w/o password. Big Diffrences now but OLd School just had that quarky spunk to it! Well I'm off to playing Super Mario Brothers 3 again!

cooke154061d ago

the first game i ever played was Dragon Warrior 1 :)

djt234060d ago

because it bring back old mr... or remember