VaultCast Live - Cataclysm Pre-Release

This past Monday, I went over to the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm midnight launch event. While there, I spoke with the fans of the game regarding topics such as the new 4.0 patch changes, the Shattering, and what people had planned to do right when the servers planned on going live.

Enjoy the commentary of fellow WoW players, and feel free to comment yourselves about your own experiences with the game and what you did when the servers went live.

Note: Due to the background noise, there’s no background music in this particular recording.

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MinionStarwind2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I have such a cold during the intro.

But other than that, I had loads of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to those who talked to me and those who leave comments.

NOT IN THE PODCAST: Some guy walked up to me in mid-interview with someone and started saying how Blizz broke Hunters. I may put that in a later show.

Herminator2872d ago

Incidentally, "Blizz Brokehunter" is the name of my Dwarven paladin.

borisfett2872d ago

Pffft, I play hunters, and they're just fine.

Sidology2872d ago

Midnight releases are always so fun. I shoulda went to this at my own GameStop, even though I don't play.

borisfett2872d ago

Makes me regret not getting a physical copy a little.

Then again, I don't even have a disc drive in my PC... ¬_¬