Disney Epic Mickey: Not quite Disney World

RGB Filter: For a licensed game with a big name behind it there has been a lot of high hopes that this would add to the list of great exclusive 2010 releases for the console. Unfortunately, after spending quite a bit of time with Mickey and his long forgotten Disney friends it belongs on a different list as one of the most disappointing games of the year.

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NecrumSlavery2869d ago

The title is a fail and a lie. This game is 100000000000% Disney. Warren took every bit of Disney culture, theme parks, movies, books, shows, art, and archived documents and made an incredible world. The only thing bad about this game is the crappy camera and mediocre combat that is a result of it. Everything else is splender. This game is way to mature for most people. I know I don't know half of what this game has in it, but I research and learn about it afterwards. This is a living gem of forgotten or secret disney wonder. I want this on PS3. Not just for the Move or 3D HD, trophies, etc. So they can use the Bluray to add countless videos about this game. I would love to break every thing down in this game. Maybe the PS3 version could have a scan paint that will tell you about something(ie trashcan, character, item, sign or streetlight). Collect data on everything in this game. When you play it you will learn about so much Disney history. I hope if the upgrade to HD consoles, they fix the camera, cause that is it's only real weakness.

I would appreciate bubz if you agree. If you disagree, please explain why. I am curious about your comments out there.

Cevapi882869d ago

i feel like the game tried way to hard to be like Mario and Zelda in a sense instead of making its own identity

thats just my opinion and everything that i have seen from the disney has such a large assortment of characters that i think utilizing only Mickey as a playable character is a let down to some

Xander-RKoS2868d ago

What's trying to hard to be like Mario or Zelda? It has platforming, quests, and puzzles...

The game has an interesting and dynamic way of solving quests, does not hold your hand when it comes to completing quests, and a lot of morality issues comes into play. I agree the camera is crappy.