Mass Effect 3 Outed On EA Store

The EA Store has added a pre-order listing for Mass Effect 3 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The listing includes a description that the "Earth is burning" and Commander Shepard (that's you!) has to gather the races of the galaxy to launch "one final mission" against machines striking from beyond known space

Fishy Fingers4681d ago

Oops... I imagine this should of gone up after, what is now pretty clear to be, the VGA reveal of ME3.

TOO PAWNED4681d ago

i am only glad that it is day 1 on PS3, all i care for.

-Alpha4681d ago

Don't forget that it will likely have a MP component...

ksense4681d ago

Mass Effect 3 with Multiplayer component looks like confirmed just like uncharted 2 which added multiplayer

NoOoB1014681d ago

The only Mp component i want is Co-op.

plenty a tool4681d ago

great news! but i am a little diappointed with sime of the things that i have done in mass effect 1 and 2. like killing wrex and the arachni queen..

i dont have the time to go back and play them both again at the mo... although i mite have to.

and, can someone link me the bit about multi-player please..

day one for sure

MariaHelFutura4681d ago

The multiplayer should be co-op thru the story (like Borderlands), the game is made for it.

saint_john_paul_ii4681d ago

the consequences will never...be the same...

JohnnyBadfinger4680d ago

Eww yuck! fuck multiplayer.

Keep it Single player Story only... MP takes precious development time away from the epic story.

Dont go saying they can get another dev to make it, because just look at what happened when EA combined DICE and the MOH dev team together...

Fucking idiots always trying to ruin perfect games for morons like you guys who only want multiplayer games... fuck off!

evrfighter4680d ago

i don't see how ME would work in multiplayer...it would come off as generic

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Forbidden_Darkness4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

Maybe this is EAs plan, to make people think it's going to be Mass Effect 3, then BAM! It's not. That would be awesome.

If anything, i hope this is that 2013 game, so they have enough time to polish it and everything.

Blacktric4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

"That would be awesome."

No. It wouldn't. Wasn't waiting the release of God Of War 3 painful for you since you're a God Of War fan (just making an assumption from your avatar)? Sure at the end you got a great game but it was a PS3 game while last game ever released at that time was God Of War 2 for PS2 (if I'm not mistaken). But for ME 3, engine is ready, story was probably ready before the release of ME 2, so only thing they have to do is just make the game and release it. But since Geoff Keighley said that "there's a game that has "Coming 2013" at the end of its trailer", I'm thinking that might be ME 3 and thinking about it makes me sad.

Christopher4681d ago

I agree, it would be awesome to have a new IP and know that ME3 would be coming regardless. I guess a lot of people want ME3, but just because the reveal isn't ME3 doesn't mean that ME3 isn't coming. It's kind of a given. And, it's also a bit early for such a reveal considering ME2 came out just last year. I'd rather have ME3 out at the very end of this year or very start of 2012 since I know they would have had a good 2 years to work on improving the engine and really getting the gameplay to shine rather than spending a lot less time on it.

JohnnyBadfinger4680d ago

just because people want something... doesnt mean you have to give it to them...

otherwise this planet would be fucked if we all got what we want.

leave it until late 2012 or early 2013.

Cevapi884681d ago

i just hope it gets a smart release date, meaning a 2011 release date would be counterproductive since the game has gone multiplatform...i think it would only hurt sales on the PS3 since ME2 is just about to come out and PS3 gamers are being introduced to series if they havent seen it or played it on the PC before

i had the original on my PC, so the back story for me will be just fine

ksense4681d ago

January 2012 sounds likely

UnwanteDreamz4681d ago

Yep I want to play 2 before 3 comes out. I know fans will disagree but I wouldn't mind a 2012 release.

Blacktric4681d ago

I'm so happy! Finally we're gonna see the Earth, eventhough it'll probably be a warzone. My guess is, that "teaser" picture Bioware published on their Facebook and Twitter pages is the picture of an enemy soldier (someone who's trying to make profit while Earth is under attack by Reapers and their agents maybe?). It'll try to shoot either Shepard or some innoncent civillian and Shepard's probably gonna stop him in the trailer.

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MagicAccent4681d ago

Seriously does ANYONE working at these "stores" even care about the reveal dates or no?
Because it seems like everyday some online store or otherwise "announce" games before they've been so officially.

I mean really, it's ridiculous. Somebody should be fired :P

TheGameFoxJTV4681d ago

If there is a Co-Op mode, it should be a TOTALLY separate mode from single player rather it's Co-Op or not.

SaberEdge4680d ago

I think we all knew this was coming. I can't wait to see something about it though.

chainer30004680d ago

ME has never been a game I've looked at and gone "Damn, wish I could play online."

Split screen Co-Op would be fine though.

avengers19784680d ago

How does someone out a game that everyone knew was coming out; even before the second was released everyone knew there was a third one, and everyone knew that the game would be coming out pretty soon.
Keep telling me stuff I already know though thnx.

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calitax4681d ago

Another surprise for the VGA's that is not a surprie any more.

The people from Spyke will be really happy with this screen.

Theoneneo814681d ago

Though I think it was a given ME 3 was gonna be shown 1 way or another.

TOO PAWNED4681d ago

so just because it isn't surprise we should not watch VGA to see those trailer? Yeah screw R3, U3, ME3 trailers....grow up. I seriously don't get people as yourself that always have to bitch and moan about something.

BrianG4681d ago

lol, after reading your comment and his it seems like your the one bitching and moaning.

Sounds like calitax was just stating an opinion to me. Your the one that got all emotionally involved, "grow up" haha.

Don't mean to be mean, just my opinion. And I'll still be watching the VGA's to see these trailers.

RockmanII74681d ago

lol nice. The first thing I did when I saw this was post the url in my skype chat.

MicroSony4Life4681d ago

What time does VGA start? Eastern Time Please.