Open-source Kinect drivers released

The tech firm behind the Kinect's camera sensor has released open-source drivers for the Xbox 360 add-on, opening the way for modders to put their own spin on the peripheral.

According to Develop, Israeli company PrimeSense has set up an NI devices, applications and middleware organisation too.

The open-source OpenNI Framework provides an API for writing NI apps and offers middleware that allows access to RGB-D sensors like Kinect and PrimeSense's development kit PSDK 5.0.

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btk3497d ago

What would be really funny is that Kinect would perform better on PS3 than on XB360. Simple little thing like USB speed which limits Kinect performance on XB360... Luckily we have Move on PS3

GenericUserName3497d ago

Insecurity. When every single article about Kinect has to somehow be turned into a PR job for Sony, Ps3 and/or move. Great job

Bigpappy3497d ago

Sony has the PS-Eye and Move. I believe the Eye already has open drivers that can be used on PC. I haven't seen any footage of hacks done with the PS-eye or Move. But, the Move team did some good tech demo's and said they did some stuff with the Eye only, which they are not showing anyone right now for obvious reasons. I am about 80% sure, you will see some controller-less resurgence from Sony next year. I don't see them letting M$ hold on to a large share of the core market, and on top of that gaining strong momentum with casuals, with out a fight. Especially going into a new console phase. Sony is working on something other than Move and 3D. They better be.

cyguration3497d ago

Seems kind of cool. Most times modders come up with better uses for products than the original designers. That's always funny.

Bigpappy3497d ago

It is great that this is happening with Kinect. Many of these hackers get to show their skills to the world and could end up landing deals with these huge companies who are always looking for people with creative ideas. They stand to make a boat load of money should M$ or anyone else choose to implement what they have created. Total win/win here.

sickpup3497d ago

They should have made it support USB3 to eliminate transfer speeds. I will wait till they update the XNA development kit with proper drivers.