PS Jailbreak dongles reach lowest ever price, should Sony be worried ?

It seem that the price of jailbreak/downgrade peripherals have dropped drastically over the past few weeks. Amazebreak are now selling their usb for an amazingly low price $6.92! Should Sony be worried about this ?

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Christopher2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Nope. Game sales haven't at all been hurt by the dongle and it's still stuck at its original FW. There has been no signs of it advancing beyond its original with CFW.

ComboBreaker2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Obviously, no one is buying those PS Jailbreak dongles, which is why the price keep dropping. And even so, at such a low price, no one is still buying it.

Cevapi882868d ago

considering that Sony has future proofed the PS3, any system that updates its firmware is out of luck if has used the Jailbreak dongle...the reason it is so low is because there is probably no demand and people who own a PS3 believe that it would be more of a hassle to take advantage of the PS3 you have the ethics side of it

so who knows....there are numerous reasons why gamers have not chosen to go down this path

nikola9872868d ago


There is firmware downgrader which works on ALL PS3 consoles

morganfell2868d ago

Sony's legal team is crushing the life out of every illegal dongle dealer they find. Should Jailbreak sellers be worried?

Theonik2868d ago

For now this is true. I don't really expect it to hurt sales. 360 has been pirate heaven for years now and games still sell about the same on it. Either way until they find a way to play FW3.5+ games they don't have to bother with new releases at all.

Heartnet2867d ago


isnt that what the latest firmware update stopped? i cud be wrong

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Jay5202868d ago

Not really. The only people that would use this are people who don't have a PS3 already. So it would boast Hardware sales a little bit and decrease Software sales a little bit.

Yi-Long2867d ago

... although I agree for most that will be the main reason of choosing to 'jailbreak'...

... but what if your diskdrive from your PS3 breaks down!? Sony isn't going to take care of it, so you'll have to pay a hundred bucks to fix it, or throw it away and get a new one.... right!?

Well... wrong... if that happens, best option would be to jailbreak the system so you can still use it.

I had the same problem with the first Xbox. It broke down, called the helpline, they said it would cost 120 euro to fix it, I couldn't buy a new one cause no stores were selling them anymore, so I bought a second-hand modded one for a 100 bucks and put all the games I had on the HDD.

I'm not throwing an expensive console away because Sony or MS couldn't be bothered to make it long-lasting.

Oxymoron282867d ago


From my personal experience of the PS3 Diskdrive breaking, it prevents you from launching games saved to the PS3 itself (so PSN games and the like) so it wouldn't make a difference.

Yi-Long2867d ago

I have no idea, cause I haven't really looked into the whole jailbreak-option (yet?), cause there's no need for me (yet?).

However, it would seem strange to me that you wouldn't be able to just launch your games from an external HDD!?

Oxymoron282867d ago

I'm pretty sure you cant save games to an External HDD anyway, but yeah I'm only really saying from my experience of Blu-Ray disk dying. Luckily I have insurance on my PS3 (£1.99 a month) so I got it covered.

but yeah there's really no excuse to jailbreak the PS3, if you're worried it's going to break, get insurance on it, it's cheap as it is. And the notion that people might not have enough money, well maybe they should prioritize there money better then? (that's not targeted at you Yi-Long but I've seen it posted on this discussion.)

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FACTUAL evidence2868d ago

Why would Sony be worried!? Moe like the hackers are worried. No one can do anything with the dongles. It's now they are just trying to pawn them off for any penny they can grab. Game over for hackers.

TheGameFoxJTV2868d ago

You do know they actually work right? But, they are also useless since there are free version people are using.

Theonik2867d ago

Not really free, you still need specialised hardware you can flash be it a smart phone or a programmable USB controller.

showtimefolks2868d ago

otherwise we will have that stupid ubi online system to play and if internet goes bad there goes all our games

we need to support these devs who put their time into AAA games so we can see new IPs and sequels

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RPcinemas2868d ago

i think they should be very worried i can see the ps3 becoming as bad as the psp with cfw etc, although hopefully lots of people updated to fw 3.55 just as i did...only time can tell i guess!

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theonlylolking2868d ago

Nope, not until it can work no matter what update comes along.

CloudGamingHub2868d ago

i think sony can only keep updating firmware to try combat against this, but with the amount of hackers and such is it too late ?

SonyNGP2868d ago

I feel sorry for those who bought it at whatever price it was when it was first released.

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sashimi2868d ago

I don't feel sorry for them, if they were stupid enough to buy it then they deserved it.

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