Even Hotter Sequels To Come In 2011!

With the recent releases of the most anticipated sequels to games in the last few months, some of us are still in a state of gaming comatose. You know…staring at the television screen or computer monitor, wide-eyed and sleep deprived, mouth half open and drooling, with Mountain Dew cans and empty Doritos bags scattered across the room.

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Murgatroyd72873d ago

There's so much good stuff coming out and I don't know how the heck I'm gonna keep up. There's still a bunch of stuff from this year piled up on my desk that I haven't played yet!

saoco2872d ago

i hear you all......... the PS3 alone has a whole bunch of AAA games this and next year.

PS3gamer4life2872d ago

the main games im waiting for is UnCharted3 and Socom4

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