Yellow & Red Lights: How Gamers Accept Excuses

An editorial on how through the advancements in gaming, companies have been able to provide excuses hindering the gaming experience.

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-Alpha3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

The companies get away simply because the majority of people tolerate them. There is something on that console that keeps them coming back. Likely the game library they built up, friends they made, exclusives, etc. You can't also expect to throw away a console just because you were victimized. It happens.

I only see the RROD as unacceptable. The PS3, and the Wii this gen have standard failure rates.

At least MS has that extended 3 year warranty though by the looks of it this is because they had to. I haven't noticed the issue as prominent with the latest models which is good to hear. Again, people keep coming back because they want to. And that's their choice. It's evident MS has suffered greatly this gen because of RRoD, so it's not like they are getting away with anything without some obvious backlash. I trust that they will be smarter next gen like they were last gen.

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ActionBastard3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

"You can't also expect to throw away a console just because you were victimized. It happens."

Huh? That is exactly how it works. You buy shit, you don't run out and re-buy shit. Many do/will, as you said, it's their choice. So is choosing to throw away broken shit.

EDIT: I disagree. Only b/c I did just that. Friends are useless when the machine tying you together doesn't work. And you're paying for that too.

-Alpha3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I meant if it happens once-- and even if it happens multiple times people put up with it because it's too hard to throw it away once you make a lot of friends and get attached to certain exclusives. I remember reading about the RRoD on the news and that's exactly what victims would say about it.

Machines break, RRoD and YLOD will probably never go away this gen. The question is how much you can tolerate it happening


That's fine if you disagree with it, but clearly many others disagree with you since they keep buying the product. And friend's play a huge part in why most people even pay for XBL. I wouldn't dare buy Multiplat Multiplayer games or transfer all my PS3 games to my 360 unless all my friends came with me.

deadreckoning6663491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I agree with AlphaMale. Everyone I know who has a 360 has had it break on them AT LEAST twice. When I tell them that maybe they should invest in a PS3..they say they'd just rather buy another 360. I personally don't understand it, but thats what people do.

"But what is worse is that many of them, just buy another one. I don't know how anyone can support a system that had a failure rate that high."

I don't understand that logic either. Somehow they believe that the 360 getting RROD at some point is something thats SUPPOSED to happen. Or maybe, they've grown so attached to it that they need a new one like Alpha said.

I know if my PS3 broke, I'd get a new one or get it fixed. So you can't really blame 360 owners for doing the same thing with the 360. Some of these people already have huge game libraries, so they're not willing to buy another console.

catguykyou3491d ago

The fact that the majority of people who has it happen to them, don't have to pay anything for a new one and just have to go through the inconvenience of calling MS and losing their console for 1-2 weeks makes it easier for the consumer to over look. Especially as Alpha pointed out, it's difficult for most people to give up on the investment they already made. Friends lists, achievements/ trophies, arcade titles, game purchases.

ActionBastard3491d ago

I'm not saying the 360 doesn't sell, it obviously does. It also has multiple motherboard revisions and redesign that have helped stability. New customers aren't being put through the same hell someone like me (a launch buyer) was put through.

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bviperz3491d ago

Ah Alpha, here you are again. Probably the most intelligent 360-defender on this site.

oldjadedgamer3491d ago

I think its more that he isn't foaming at the mouth anytime someone mentions MS nor is he willing to completely disregard problems associated with Sony and their games.

tl;dr He can think.

Koolno3491d ago

but most of them are so dumb, that is not really a compliment :)

Agent-863492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

The biggest difference is that the Sega Genesis and SNES were more reliable because they were solid state consoles with game cartridges. They had absolutely no moving parts. Today's consoles are much more like mini-PC's and have lots of the same components making them more complicated. HDD's and disc drives have moving parts and are much more susceptible to break downs. Also, since they're like mini-PC's, the CPU's, GPU's and memory all create heat; much more heat than those older consoles. If the heat isn't properly vented, then you get the RROD problem that the 360 endured. Those older generation consoles produced such little heat that they didn't even need fans.

Tetsuryu3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

To add to that, most of the most common issues exhibited by the HD consoles are caused by the cracking of lead-free solder, which yields a much significant drop in heat resistance compared to its lead-based counterpart. This is mostly due to part of the regulations placed in 2006; they include the WEEE and RoHS Directives.

If I recall correctly, companies in the U.S. may even qualify for tax benefits by cutting or reducing the amount of lead used in their electronics, even though the compliant materials tend to be more expensive.

GenericUserName3492d ago

Only excuse that matters to me. . .3 year warranty covering Rrod and E74 vs you broke it, you pay it after 1 year

Cevapi883492d ago

so im guessing this is your way of approving the 40% failure rate of the 360 in its early stage

good for you!

you are the epitome of what this article is talking about...way to prove it right, ohh and i love the stealth troll


GenericUserName3492d ago

I'll repeat, 3, THREE YEARS FREE WARRANTY...1 year warranty or pay it yourself

GilIsMunny3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Calm down buddy

DigitalAnalog3491d ago

Back in the day. A warranty meant something of a goodwill since you may be the unfortunate one to receive a defective item.

Nowadays, a warranty is now mandatory and is to be expected by consumer that the item may would break.

Confidence in electronics nowadays have become disgustingly low. Even Apple is charging exorbitant prices just for a warranty.

-End of Line

ct033491d ago

I'm surprised about the failure rates of these systems. People don't seem to be bothered by it at all.
I hear things like "My XYZ died last week, so I bought a new one." as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

I'm typing this post on a PC that's almost 5 years old. It runs an average of 16 hours per day (and often times nonstop for days on end when rendering something). *Not a single* component has failed in all this time, not one.

Koolno3491d ago

how many weeks waiting for UPS ?

like i said, with a ps3, you can subscribe to extension garanty, they are cheap, and the ps3 value is so high when you compare it to the competition, that even with few dollars more, it's the good choice to make.

if you don't want to use that solution, just buy a new ps3 each year with a new game, that cost you nothing..even less than the xbl ugly fee.

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awiseman3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Amazing the article is about BOTH YLOD AND RROD yet the talk ot the day is RROD...

I even see some talk of YLOD is a conspiracy theory...

TenSteps3491d ago

For some reason I thought of Ketchup and Mustard

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