10 Xbox 360 Exclusives Coming in 2011

Xbox Live is a good enough reason to own an Xbox 360, but exclusive games definitely don't hurt - and Microsoft's got quite a few lined up for next year.

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NYC_Gamer2870d ago

hopefully MS will announce more hardcore titles

anthraxCZ2870d ago

this is nice list of core games, i haven´t realized it until now how many good games are coming just to xbox 360 - that is nice :)

darthv722870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

this should be interesting.

'grabs front row seat'

'buffer voice booms over the crowd: LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE............'

edit: @lastguardian that same sentiment could be applied to those who dont own a 360. I dont know how you define "core" but back in my days it was defined by those who played all systems and all games all the time.

Good, bad, short, long. If it was a game it got played. These days people want to change that to represent themselves as playing only shooters or sports. That's not "core" that is limiting.

No reason ANYONE who is dedicated to playing games in general should be without. Just because there are things that dont appeal to you as a "gamer" on another platform doesnt mean that platform is some how become invalidated.

Gaming as a whole is something to be experienced. Those who limit themselves are not as big a gamer as ME!

Active Reload2870d ago

"hopefully MS will announce more hardcore titles "

With no more than a 6 month wait to play them. That would be ideal...

TheLastGuardian2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Whethter you own a 360 or not, every core gamer needs to have a PS3 next year. If you don't want a PS3 your not as big of a gamer as me.

UnwanteDreamz2870d ago

2 games not confirmned for 2011 are on that list.

Active Reload2870d ago

Now that I'm thinking about it. That Crytek game has me rather intrigued.

baker_boi2870d ago

Just wanted to poke my nose in and say just cause you say you like two or three games on a system doesn't mean that you are now in favor of the system they're own.

For instance, I like a couple songs by Jay-Z however he is not even on my list of would be "greatest rappers".

A favor a song by the artist, I however don't really favor the artist, so I wouldnt recommend him to any one if they asked me what they should listen to.

Liking somethin by proxy aint nowhere near the same as genuinely liking it.

Game-ur2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

no way Halo 4 is in 2011

i really want to see somthing from Codename: Kingdoms

kancerkid2870d ago

I didn't know XCOM was exclusive, though I was never that much interested.
Please, I need some info about Codename: Kingdoms. Please give me something.
A lot of these games seem to be coming for Kinect, which is good for the core audience who has that peripheral, but I do not have enough money to buy the damned thing, so I can't even get half these games.

ThanatosDMC2870d ago

Out of the whole list, im most interested in Steel Battalion.

specialguest2870d ago

Codename: Kingdoms the Crytek game seems very interesting. It's coming from Crytek, so you know the graphics are going to be good.

doa7662870d ago Show
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darthv722870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

That is an impressive list......of sequels.

We know that sequels are generally a given when it comes big games. I can only see 2 (maybe 3 with TLG) as being new. Everything else is a sequel or followup. Nothing wrong with that but it just makes for false sense of exclusivity because of their previous nature.

LBP2...KZ3...are OBVIOUS exclusives because their previous version was exclusive. They are ...exclusive by default. They dont offer anything new or different. Just capitalizing on what the previous one did.

And by that statement I dont mean content. I am meaning something that had not been done before by that company on that system(s). It is of course that those games I used as examples will have new content as it relates to their prior release. I had to clarify that so not to get people confused.

Sorcery, Heros..those are NEW EXCLUSIVES. The 360 isnt without the same criticism however on their list. 4 are considered NEW and the others are sequels/remakes. Codename D, Rise of Nightmares, Haunt and Kingdoms.

I get what you are saying about being excited for new games in 2011. The obvious ones I tend not to get all worked up for.

I will get many a disagree but seriously look at it from that perspective. I love NEW games, remakes and sequels....yeah that's a given.

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Anon19742870d ago

Wow, that's quite the list. Kinect games I can't play because I haven't the space for Kinect, a phantom Halo game, a game from Crytek we literally know bupkis about, a PC also game, some flying dragons game - because those do so well, and Gears 3.

Well at least I have Gears 3 to look forward to. I love the Gears series.

Lightsaber2870d ago

only 3 games on there I want gear, project draco and kinect star wars. There are 2 games I'm curious about Riseof Nightmares and Kingdoms.

I wouldnt be surpised if we see Forza 4 in 2011 too

darthv722870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

i'll give you an agree there. It just gets a bit tiresome with the list after list of the same ole same ole. If anything, Nintendo has the most EXCLUSIVES this gen. Practically everything on there is new and different sans the usual mario, link etc.

I would like to see that kind of variety on the PS3 now with Move. Not every title is shovelware but every title is new and exclusive (somewhat).

"FACT: If you don't own a PS3 by now, don't even call yourself a gamer."

Here...let me fix that for you.

"FACT: If you don't own both or all systems by now, don't even call yourself a gamer."

Brewski0072870d ago

As a wise man once said (Kevin Butler).
We may pledge fanboy alleigence to various consoles. But we worship one god... GAMING!!! (thats paraphrased bookworms, so don't go getting the exact quote.)

Seriously, good for xbox fans to have a list of exlusives in 2011. It only helps the competition and quality of exclusives for all consoles.
Lets man up, suck it in, and be sensible rather than act like kids and throw our toys out of the pram when we see articles like this.
Your better than this people... YOUR BETTER THAN THIS!!!! lol.

R0me2870d ago

gears3: The title everyone knows, even ps3 hardcore fans.

Codename D: Boring: a selection of Kinect titles...

Project Draco: leaves you scratching your head [or starts off a chain reaction of fluffy, nostalgic thoughts and memories]

Steel Battalion Heavy Armour: It will be awesome or it will be a huge disappointment, you cannot tell yet. Remember its for kinect...

Halo 4: Haha, not 2011 and its not Bungie...

Rise of Nightmares: I dont think 2011.Survival Horror Kinect: Another title for adults. You will have to play it with lights on :P

Xcom: With BioShock 2 developers 2K ...

Haunt:survival horror game for Kinect.

Codename: Kingdoms: This might be good, waiting for more information.

Star Wars Kinect:We'll see whether it stands up to fan expectations (which are already pretty high)

All in all:
5 kinect games.. wtf. This shows MS believes core/adult gamer will buy it. 2 games where you can believe that they will be good..really disappointing.
Well, if you are a huge kinect fan it may be a pretty good year.

Gamerbee2870d ago Show
MAJ0R2870d ago

7/10 are Kinect titles

1 is unannounced

1 we have no info on

1 is coming out in Q4 2011

lol that is just horrible

OneSneakyMofo2870d ago

Without reading the list:

Gears Sequel, Halo spinoff, 8 Kinect titles.

Do I win a prize?

gamingdroid2870d ago

So what if I like Kinect? So what if you can't afford Kinect? So what if you don't like the Xbox 360?

The question really is, if you aren't excited why are you here b!tchin and moaning! Go play your PS3 and let us Xbox 360 owners that actually enjoy the console enjoy it!!!

Some of you are so pitiful all you do is come in the Xbox 360 articles to troll instead of playing games on your preferred platform.

I'm not sure what is more pathetic than spending time b!tchin about something you clearly don't like!

punkpop1012870d ago

What the SAT(Sony Attack Force) entered here too?

Twiky2870d ago

Shouldn't that be SAF??!!

visualb2869d ago

I agree this list is 50% kinect, but do consider MS are going to bet heavy on kinect now =|

whats sad is the lack of non-kinect based games. its as if 360 hard core owners need to get kinect to enjoy half of these "exclusives"

kinda unfair =(

should make them non-kinect playable as well...

still cool list. Halo 4?...has it even been announced?

Gears 3 will be awesome =) been playing Gears 2 at a m8's, its great co-op, 3 will be siiiick

HolyOrangeCows2869d ago

SPAM?! I said that Xcom isn't a 360 exclusive and that's SPAM?!

Wow, these mods are ridiculous.

darthv722869d ago

I will agree with you there. Xcom isnt an "exclusive" in the sense that it is ONLY on a single platform. But it is exclusive in the sense that it isnt on the DS or Wii or PS3. So technically it is exclusive to a degree.

That is where some of the lines are a bit fuzzy when it comes to throwing around that "term". They could state exclusive to MS platforms.

Also, it seems many dont understand my logic on my previous post. It's ok. I had a feeling it would be taken differently than handed out. I have nothing against sequels, just that they are an obvious exclusive. I like to see lists with new original games rathere than this game part 4 or that game part 5.

Neither platform is not without its criticisms concerning games.

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digitalivan2870d ago

Wow I must say this is the lamest list I ever saw. Gears are awesome, Halo is rumored and everything else is unknown about?
I mean seriously, PS3 line up eats the crap out of this.

joydestroy2870d ago

now that they have Kinect, they'll have to concentrate a little more on the casual market. that means less quality exclusives for us hardcore kids =/

D4RkNIKON2870d ago

you would be a fool not to think that the PS3 line up is better.

Jazz41082870d ago

The linup for the ps3 is the asame linup we have been looking at for years. They keep delaying games because at the beginning od 2010bi saw a similar list and most of those games were on it. I'm just saying you don't have to announce your games 3 and 4 years before they are released but I guess it helps your lists.

RedDevils2870d ago

@ Jazz stop smoking crack since 2006, It's 2010 now so wake up!

Achemki2870d ago

@ Jazz
Yeah about announcing games years in advance...Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Gears 3 all say hi.

evrfighter2869d ago

the pas3 lineup is the same lineup we've seen the past 2 years with a different number at the end...exciting

ksense2869d ago

and the xbox line up had halo, gears and fable and guess what they all have numbers at the end!!!!!!

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joydestroy2870d ago

haven't heard of Xcom until now. that one sounds interesting. Kingdoms won't be out until 2012. i just don't see Crytek pumping out Crysis 2 and Kingdoms in the same year.

i believe it's time for M$ to pick up more studios for exclusives so there's more than just GeoW/Halo. there's going to be an onslaught of PS3 exclusives next year.

yourfather2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

why cant?Kingdoms is develop by Crytek Budapest and Crysis2 is develop by Crytek Frankfurt+Crytek UK

jbiz3202870d ago

I could honestly see both of them coming out next year from Crytek. Remember Crysis 2 was done already and was supposed to release this fall. EA only pushed it back because it didnt want it to be lost in the sea of FPS for the fall. lol ironically now Crysis 2 might be lost in the sea of shooters in the Spring '11.

joydestroy2870d ago

just because it's being developed under the same studio name but at different studios doesn't mean it could see release in 2011. i just realized M$ is publishing it so yeah i suppose it could release in 2011. there just hasn't been much said about it...

FACTUAL evidence2870d ago

Sweet! I'm looking forward to haunt and gears 3...otherwise I'm gunna spend over 1k alone on ps3 exclusives next year.

Jaces2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

A bunch of kinect titles, Halo thanks, Gears 3 which I'm pretty excited about and Xcom which looks to be something neat.

Can't say much for Codename Kingdoms. Will have to wait to see what it's all about.

princejb1342870d ago

this is a very good list
especially since most of them is for kinect=]
microsoft is supporting their hardware very well

chainer30002870d ago

A lot of those look like flops to me. I agree, more hardcore titles - I only really see Gears 3 there... and the others... well there is no promise of a 2011 release for a majority of those games which are still in mid-dev stages.

Mizz_mai2869d ago

LOL @the line-up

Panzer dragoon & steel batallion look interesting but the rest... meh

Prototype2869d ago

This is the official list:

Halo Bowling
Halo RPG
Halo Racing
Halo Fighter
Halo Checkers
Halo Basketball
Halo Football
Halo Zombie edition
Halo Chess
Halo Baseball

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redwolf2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Well, for me its all about Gears 3 perphaps Codename: Kingdoms since crytek are inolved ,but I am a bit sceptical about the others for now due to lack of information at this stage

acky12870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

XCOM looks great...

Gutted only 360 and PC gamers can enjoy. Might have to play it on my bro's laptop. Edit: It's a 2K Marin reboot of the X-COM franchise so hopefully it does a Bioshock and comes to the PS3.

Those kinect could turn out good or possibly a pile of crap depending on how 'on-rails' they are.

Redlogic2870d ago

I just watched that trailer for the first time, looks generic...I mean those enemies are just black puddles. It would be cool if that was only one of many forms the alien would take. Like that is their main form but could be a human, or a panther or a bat etc etc...Just looks a bit generic its early though and there is certainly some potential. Oh and that floating column was laaamme!! Gimme Gears 3!

nnotdead2870d ago

i didn't realize XCOM was PC/360 only. it really hasn't caught my attention, but i may pick it up on PC sometime during the year.

ubiquitious2870d ago

Stay tuned for VGA's, GDC, and E3 for more Xbox 360 exclusives for 2011.

It'll be an amazing year. What gamer doesn't have an Xbox 360?

IMChampion2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The one playing all the awesome games on the PS3?
I got both but the 360 selection is seriously week. Half those we know nothing about.

ubiquitious2870d ago

Don't troll. Just buy Kinect and Game on!

JustGamer2870d ago

Every day I am happier to be a true gamer and enjoy all the games in both 360 and PS3.

I'm really glad I have an open (and normal) mind and I'm not a stupid fanboy (no offense).

DigitalRaptor2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Sometimes it's not about being a fanboy. It's about not getting scrrewed over by the company you support. Most of my issues with not getting a 360 stem from M$.

I won't pay to play half the game I've already bought. I won't pay for a machine that has had the worst failures of any home console, I won't pay for overpriced peripherals that should have been included from scratch, I don't wanna be a part of a community that mostly only really care for shooters and I won't pay for a service that I'm not really getting the full price of entry back into my gaming experience.

I'm a gamer, not a sucker!

If you think that makes me a fanboy then I feel sorry for you. Those reasons right there are all because of Microsoft, not the 360 itself.

So I'd say those gamers who don't have a 360 right now are pretty damn smart for not submitting themselves to Microsoft. At least they aren't happy at being given the proverbial bending over.

user83971442870d ago

Why would i want one if i have a PS3? But my brother have one foes that counts?

UnwanteDreamz2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The one not wanting to pay to play online. The one too busy gaming. The one who doesn't like shooters. The one who isn't 15 yo. I'll stop there.

No Way2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Soooooo.. you're 14 years old?
Your 3 bubbles and 'excuses..'
Makes me believe so. :)

FlyShootRaceSims2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

The ones not wanting to pay online...I understand. So you think Xbox guys are not busy playing their games because they didn't have exclusives or multiplats to play this past quarter? You are delusional or what? Last I checked the best selling PS3 game is....are you ready for this?'s a shooter! And lastly why do PS3 fans always tout themselves as being more mature yet their demeanor in this site says otherwise? If you like the PS3, that's perfectly fine. Just don't be an elitist and don't act like a 15yo yourself.

MrAwesome2870d ago

Me and I'm really not wanting ona AT ALL!

Moentjers2870d ago

PC + PS3 = gamer's heaven !

theEx1Le2870d ago

No, PS3 + Xbox 360 + Wii + DS + PC = gamer's heaven

04soldier2870d ago

No, PS3 + Xbox 360 + Wii + DS + PC = Broke and no social life.

If you have that many consoles and the games in your library. I seriously bet you have too much time, money, or not many real sociable friends...

wongway2870d ago

yes because if he has all those systems there's no way he could enjoy them and hangout with friends, I mean, it's not like you can balance them out.

emekcrash2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Wow thanks for showing us those solid evidence that back-up your statement! ¬¬

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Arup022870d ago

Great year for both Xbox 360 and PS3! The owners of these platforms will have much games to choose next year!

2870d ago
Arup022870d ago

Why so many disagrees? Did i say something wrong?

slate912870d ago

You said something positive about the Xbox 360 and Microsoft on a Pro-Sony N4G site. So yes, you did say something wrong.

Scotland-The-Brave2870d ago

hey slate91, if u dont like it leave! Im fed up of xbox fanboys bitching everyday that this site is pro-sony. well boohoo, 3 years ago it was pro-xbox.