Harmonix CEO confirms Rock Band's Xbox 360 bundle guitar is wired

In the latest OXM Podcast, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos confirms that the Xbox 360 guitars for Rock Band are wired in the bundles. There will be wired and wireless versions available for the Xbox 360, but once again, the retail bundles will come with a wired guitar. The PS3 guitars are all wireless. The Xbox 360 bundle will also come with a USB hub for all the peripherals to plug into. On both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version the microphone and drum kit will be wired. Rigopulos says, "The cost of wireless technology on the Microsoft side is higher and to be able to offer those bundles at a price point that would be reasonable for consumers it was necessary ... on the 360 side we are also bundling a hub."

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MK_Red4062d ago

WTF!!??? They promised it won't be like Guitar Hero 2 360. What is Microsoft's problem?

Daxx4062d ago

Well atleast we won't have to charge it.

azzam4062d ago


FreeMonk4062d ago

It doesn't matter to me, as long as the cable is long enough.

The main thing that will make me choose between the PS3 and X360 version is who will have the most updated, most number, and more importantly cheapest of DL tracks.

If the PS3 offers me a cheaper set of tracks compared to the X360 version, I'll go for the PS3 version.

But if it's the other way round, the X360 will be the one to go for.

We'll see!

heavymetal3k4062d ago

the mic and drums should be wireless too.

Darkiewonder4062d ago

work for rockband and that was wireless?

heavymetal3k4062d ago

doubt it, the rock band guitar has 5 extra buttons at the bottom.

cr33ping_death4062d ago

are the gh2 guitars gonna work with rock band? would save me money......but damn wireless guitars for the PS3 are tempting. im so confused.

the 360 will have achivementsts so i can show of the skills :) but DLC is too expensive plus you have to over pay for MS points.

PS3 version has wireless guitars but no i cant show off the skills :( but i dont over pay for any type of points ala 360 or Wii. decisions decisions. what am i to do.

Darkiewonder4062d ago

You're right.

I guess the Rockband Guitar Will work with Guitar Hero but not the other way around. [/HOPEFULLY]

Klopek4062d ago

The GH guitars (from both GH 2+3)will work with Rock Band. It's unconfirmed whether the Rock Band guitar will be compatible with Guitar Hero 3. Probably not.

The 5-extra fret buttons are for soloing. Other than an asthetic change, the buttons are identical to the normal ones. They perform the same function.

I think the only real feature you'd be missing out on is the 5-way effects switch on the Rock Band guitar.

Personally I'm going to get the wireless Guitar Hero 3 guitar, get Rock Band with the drums and then perhaps buy a wirelss Rock Band guitar later.

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MACHone4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

A hub! I was wondering how the hell they expected 360 owners to plug four peripherals in two USB ports.... And while a wireless mic would have been nice, a wireless drumset would have been fairly pointless... seeing that there's no real reason to be flailing the drums around. Regardless, if I owned an Xbox 360, I'd be pretty pissed that I'd have to buy a wireless guitar outside of the full bundle, and probably pay more for it as well. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? See you on the PSN!

Siesser4062d ago

I think that the new Singstar game is going to have wireless mics; they may work in Rock Band, who knows. As for the drums, I agree, you're supposed to be sitting down and playing, not running across the living room with them.

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