Hitman 5 to be Announced at the VGAs 2010?

It looks like Agent 47 will be coming out of the shadows tomorrow night at Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2010.

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dude_meister3502d ago

well that sounds a lot more likely than prototype 2, i don't even care about prototype 2 at all. imo thq should be working on darksiders 2 that game was awesome

Forbidden_Darkness3502d ago

THQ didn't make Prototype 2. Activision did. As for Darksiders too, im petty sure they revealed they are working on Darksider sequels at their finanicial conference.

Prototype is actually a fun and great game, the graphics might not be so great, but with everything going on, it's understandable and i rightly enjoyed the gameplay and story of it. Having just beat it last night, i am ready for a sequel.

Cajun Chicken3502d ago

1. The site is apparently Activision's, Square Enix now own Eidos, which in turn, owns IO Interactive which own and develop the Hitman IP

2. This video

3. This analytical image as made by your truly

renegade3502d ago

I wan't a new hitman come up...

Eiffel3502d ago

I honestly want both Prototype 2 and Hitman 5.

Sameh3502d ago

As much as I want it to be Hitman, it is obviously Prototype 2.

This video just gives it away:

Anyone suggesting otherwise is irrational.

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The story is too old to be commented.