Defying Journalism: A Profile of the Divisive HipHopGamer

Gerard Williams, better known as The HipHopGamer, is loud and enthusiastic. He rubs plenty of people in the press the wrong way. And he just may be the future of video-game journalism.

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George Sears2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

IMO I don't dislike HipHop Gamer as a person. I don't really care if he is perceived as a loud mouth individual or disliked by his over extravagant enthusiasm. Only thing that I do care is giving real factual information and not over exaggerating every bit of rumor or news piece he would find or even make up.

Sad thing is that he is not the only one that has been giving a mockery towards gaming journalism. Real respectful sites like IGN for example have really changed this gen. There quality type articles that were publicized last gen are now tarnished with ridicule comparisons of which multiplatform game looks better or a vast amount of low quality rushed (and questionable) reviews.

choadley2873d ago

Great writing and reportage in this piece, whether you like the subject or not.

AKissFromDaddy2873d ago

Oh my god, I love this article, saving this to my favorites.