New X-Men: Destiny teaser trailer slightly more revealing than last

XMNR: X-Men: Destiny is still being kept tightly under wraps by Silicon Knights but a new teaser trailer gives us the tiniest of glimpses into the (presumed) upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game.

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Ninver2870d ago

cool trailer. nothing groundbreaking but looks fun.

archemides5182870d ago

why don't they just stop with these stupid trailers and just show the game, don't they realize that's the only thing that will make people buy it. if they can't make the game itself look good then they just shouldn't make it

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Agreed with the stupid "teaser trailer's", so now its a industry standard to release a teaser for the teaser.

Queasy2870d ago

Gotta get the hype machine revved up for even the most questionable of games...

Coolmanrico2869d ago

@ lunaluagua
My goodness, maybe they're not ready to show any gameplay just yet. The game doesn't even have a release date. We going to get all the info we need as we get closer to release date.

firefoxprime2869d ago

Awesome. Sounds like some kind of Create your own character game. Kinda like DC Universe Online. Between DCU:O and Xmen:D, Marvel and DC are pushing for some awesome games.

Mwaan2870d ago

I hope this is like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

maawdawg2869d ago

I am setting my sights higher than that. I hope they lean the RPG direction and have a good/evil choice system where you create and customize your own mutant, that would be awesome. Think Mass Effect with X-Men canon, that would be my highest hope for this game.

dead_eye2869d ago

Wow I want that game lol

soundslike2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Rip off Metal Gear Solid much?

soundslike2869d ago

lol at disagrees

its the exact same overarching theme as MGS. Play the games and watch the cutscenes, maybe, before ignorantly denying it.

Coolmanrico2869d ago

Sorry but I still don't see how you got Metal Gear Solid out of that trailer, but the X-men been around way longer than Solid Snake.

soundslike2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

The similarities have nothing to do with anything X-Men created:

"you don't know what its like to be in war, it changes you. More than any mutant power ever could. The line between right and wrong blurs. Its hard to see the greater impact of your every choice. No matter where your loyalty lies, remember that your genes don't decide your destiny. You do"

This is almost EXACTLY what Otacon keeps trying to convince snake of via codecs and cut scenes. Snake is of the same genetic code as his enemies, and both of them are trying to do good through not-so-good tactics. Snake thinks that because he was cloned and his brothers are terrorists and he grew up in wars that he can't live a normal life, only fight. Otacon and others, naomi, try to sway him out of this notion telling him that his genetics don't decide what he is, and that he doesn't have to be like his brothers or big boss. It goes deeper than this but thats just a cliff-notes version.

Its a complete rip-off or at least a flattering imitation. I don't mean either in a negative way so keep your pants on, its a versatile story and theme that fits will with x-men

Rampaged Death2869d ago

The story seems solid. If the gameplay is good I'll be really interested in it.

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