The Media lies about GT5 AI

Well as some of us know (who actual read some reviews) some of them said that GT5 AI is not that good, well is that right ?

lets see

The video has been shown on several media outlets, that considered it a reliable source without making an effort to check (even reliable enough to include it in their reviews).

Turns out that the video is a quite elaborate ruse to show Gran Turismo 5 in a much worse light than it deserves. This video demonstrates exactly that.

NOTE: in all the clips shown in this video the player's car has been positioned on the racing line, that the AI loosely follows in normal conditions, in order to maximise it's potential as an obstacle.

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Karooo3943d ago

GT5 AI is awesome after level 20

Sackdude3943d ago

Well most of those so called professional reviewers didn't reach level 20

reviews are not reliable these days.

mrv3213943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Imagine if they did the same to an RPG.

If they wrote the fallout 3 review before leaving the vault :P

EDIT, Ironically the video is roughly the same length as the IGN reviewers playtime

James Vanderbeek3943d ago

they are too busy playing black ops online and ranking up their xp.. lol

Blaine3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Fucken most of them "reviewed" MAG a few hours after the servers had been open. Hell it takes at least 20-30 hours to learn your way properly around all the maps and modes, and even more to qualify for all the leadership positions--one of the most FUN and IMPORTANT aspects of the game. And then it takes even more than that to level up high enough to get all the best gear that is an integral part of the gameplay.

Reviewers are bullshitters this gen.

darthv723943d ago

This is the same as another post.

I guess these two need to be merged or something.

kancerkid3943d ago

Nice video.

Are there not tracks that are the same in both games that they could do AI comparisons?

MmaFanQc3943d ago

god the music is horrible but the video itself show us how some medias can be easily fooled by fanboys, GT5 dont have a great ai but the old propaganda video was clearly done on purpose to make gt5 look bad.

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HappyGaming3942d ago

+the grass also moves as the cars drive by... awesome

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FishCake9T43943d ago

Ive personally found the AI doesn't increase with level but with what the entry level in the competition is. For example im level 26 but if i pick a slow car and go to the beginner races the AI i still dumb. But for example if if then compete in the Super GT cup in the last tier then the AI is much better.

Krypto3943d ago

Respect to the creator who took their time in making this for all the doubters out there. Now go get that GT5!

Blaine3943d ago

Sunday and Clubman cups (did I get the names right? Been a while and I'll be getting GT5 in a few months) have had easier AI ever since I can remember--I started with GT2.

nickjkl3943d ago

wait am i mistaken that with higher tier competitors should perform better

while lower tier competitors usually suck more

or would you rather it go omg im level 40 time to go back to begginner races with 1337 ai

Biggest3943d ago

That's the way it is supposed to work. Beginners are beginners. That is also the way every other anything ever works.

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Christopher3943d ago

Great video and put together in the right way. But, this is the age of spite and hatred rather than people coming together wanting to enjoy video games.

Side note, Wow, they did a great job with lighting in the game when it matters.

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NiiGhTx3943d ago

GT5 is King. Just face it

popup3943d ago

My release day PS3 has survived countless harsh and demanding games over the years. It finally broke yesterday and GT5 did it.

Buying a new slim and getting the old unit repaired to data transfer. That will learn it :)

Koolno3942d ago

The problem is : Too many gameblogs/sites, with not enough reviewers, and each years more and more games to tests.

even if they are sometimes biased, the more reliable are the one with only one console to care.

visualb3942d ago

so its settled.

AI ISN'T robotic.

another factor the reviewers, most mis reviewed game in a while?

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Croash3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Woah, that was a very informative video which was nicely edited O_o

Kudos to the person(s) who made it, that was the comparison I was waiting for.

Edit: Well, with that many Gran Turismo 5 AI reaction exemples shown, now it is clear that the game's AI is really great. Now if only those who still think GT5's AI is awful would watch that video...

Abriael3943d ago

Thanks mate :D I did my best

doG_beLIEfs3943d ago Show
Redempteur3943d ago

exactly ... the video is informative with many example to back it up .Now it's the end of the stupid AI is dumb articles 5.5 Mil copies of GT5 are proof

alphakennybody3943d ago

after gt5 i clearly see where the media is standing.

Bathyj3943d ago

They deserve a paddlim'

alphakennybody3943d ago

oh you better believe they do!

visualb3942d ago

"after gt5 i clearly see where the media is standing."

on thin ice...that being their pretentions

MaximusPrime3943d ago

Very impressive video. I was waiting for this kind of video test. Thanks!

(marked video as my favourite)