Where Kinect Trumps Move: Camera Motor

Loot-Ninja - I’ve spent a great deal of time with both Kinect and Move over the past couple months, running through a majority of both launch lineups. After playing a number of games, I can definitely pick my favorite. I won’t mince words — it’s Kinect. That isn’t to say PlayStation Move is a bad product; rather I think it’s a great motion control setup and has terrific potential, but for me, Kinect offers more unique experiences. There’s one feature, though, that really makes Kinect a better fit for me: the built in camera motor. Kinect is mini robot sitting on a shelf above my television that follows me around as needed. And it makes my gaming life easier.

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Dylantalon12963d ago

Where move trumps kinect, accuracy, can be applied to any game and 1:1 motion.

GenericUserName2963d ago

Camera motor, IR. . .and sales :) and popularity :)

TroyAndAbed2963d ago

Move has a much wider field of view. It doesn't need a motor.

Kinect may sell better, but you'll have more fun with Move.

GenericUserName2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I'll have more fun with Wii-Again Plus? No I won't. Accuracy don't mean jack when it is plain boring. Less people will have fun on Move because nobody is buying it
Then go out and buy it black buster critic. So that sony can start releasing sold numbers instead of shipped numbers...just sayin

BlackBusterCritic2963d ago

@GenericUserName, I can't play camera motors, IR, sales, or popularity. =) So Move trumps Kinect. =)

nickjkl2963d ago

OH the irony

click on article about kinect

meanwhile a commercial about kinect plays on tv

jneul2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

lol say hi to M$ for me, Move is much better than kinect fact, now when kinect can do harcore games with precision, true 1:1 3d control, and hardly any lag just like move let me know, although it's pretty imposisble to be good as move lag wise because kinect only runs at the same speed as eyetoy which is 30fps, the new pseye (whuch move uses) runs at 60fps for move tracking, make sure kinect 2 is at least 60fps please, as the lag is just a joke and could not keep up with my kids on kinect adventures
this is as good as it will get for harcore games without a controller, fact

Game-ur2963d ago

Actually Move is more popular even in sales, and popularity according to multiple surveys.

Koolno2962d ago

genericusername multi account fanboy lying, again.

1/ move sold more than kinect for now, and even if marketing and little children buy more kinect after all, move is a better product for real gamers, so ?
2/ "shipped" : like all ms numbers.

zgoldenlionz2962d ago

the ps3+move is in no way a wiiHD if it was id get to play a mario and zelda game every 3 years or so and the rest of the time it collect dust, where as my ps3 will give me the wii experience(with much better accuracy) but ill be playing AAA games all year long.

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whateva2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Kinect can't match PS-Eye in a fast paced game when PS-Eye is in good lighting

that motor in Kinect is not used to follow you what kinda BS story is this?

ChrisW2963d ago

Now, if you could take Move and integrate it with something like Kinect; having 1:1 3D detection, plus full-body motion detection. You'd have one amazingly awesome gaming device.

And... I think I just saw a pink elephant fly by my window.


jneul2963d ago

would not be as fast as sony's solution as the kinect camera is only 30fps, whereas ps eye is 60fps, you do not need a 3d camera when tacking a sphere, it knd of defeats the purpose as you can get 3d co-ordinates from the size and position of the move's sphere

ChrisW2963d ago

Meh... think outside the box. Better yet, "there is no BOX!"

Someday in the very near future there will be 60fps type cameras and interactive peripherals like Move.

Projekt7tuning2962d ago

@ ChrisW
Don't you wish they would bring back the open-zone?(jneul)

On topic, I think on the next round of systems, thats exactly what will see. I hope so at least. But The more developer use Move and Kinect,(and Wii) The more ideas they will start to have. I'm sure the one's working with both systems will be dreaming up new ideas that incorporate both techs.
Imagine the kind of stuff Miyamoto would be trying to do. He might be able to make a Zelda game that is as close to his dreams as possible. It kinda makes me wish I could be a kid again, once this technology blossoms. I had such great moments playing the original Zelda when I was a kid, discovering new stuff in the game. Same with FF, and Phantasy star. But having Kinect and Move all rolled up into one plus some other features, would be so cool for a kid growing up. I know Miyamoto is not getting any younger, but I hope he can use these new technologies to make a game that feels as magical for my kids as they did for me way back.

Bigpappy2962d ago

Kinect doesn't need a move controller. They mat be some benifit to having a Nav controller instead of using the current controller in some game in the future. The Move adds nothing to Kinect. The only thing PSeye and Kinect have in common is the RBG camera.

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SMOK3xFFx2963d ago

Tbh the camera motor is a very small feature that is only ever used on start up to find the ground. The real "Where Kinect Trumps Move" is in the 3D depth sensing and no need for controller.

TroyAndAbed2963d ago need a controller to play Eye games? I guess I've been doing it wrong.

SMOK3xFFx2962d ago

Eye games? Who said anything about Eye games? Kinect is trumping MOVE.

ChozenWoan2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Yet somehow PSEye has the most hardcore "controller free" game on the market with Kung Fu Live.

I'm just saying.

Since PSEye is apart of the Move system, PSEye games do count. ;P

SMOK3xFFx2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

PS Move is the controllers, PSEye was there even before PSMove came out.

Also PSEye's "body tracking" is so good why isn't there a single good game for it while Kinect has DC and many other 8+/10 games?


I doubt you have Kinect, so all you would have to base your reviews on are other peoples opinions, I have Kinect and DC, Kinect adventures, Kinect Sports and Kinectimals are all 8+ worthy.

Koolno2962d ago

"Kinect has DC and many other 8+/10 games? "

many other 8/10 games ? lol, you are really smoking.

btk2963d ago

Er... so if two players move in opposite directions how will the motor help?

Oh.. sorry... Kinect must be a single player device then...

TroyAndAbed2963d ago

^Hasn't played Kinect yet...

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