GamesRadar Editors' Games of the Year: 2010 Edition

Every year the collective hive mind of GamesRadar picks its Game of the Year as the ultimate accolade of the officially annual Platinum Chalice Awards. It's very exciting. And while that's still totally happening (the Platinum Chalice Awards will be posted next Friday), this year they thought they'd take a minute to unplug from the Master Brain and give some love to each of their own personal games of the year.

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TheLastGuardian3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Why the hell did you put a picture of Reach? There were like 25 editors and only 1 girl said Halo Reach 5 of them said Red Dead Redemption and 3 said Mass Effect 2. I'm surprised nobody said GOWIII that's my runner up after RDR.

I knew I should have submitted this article after I read it this morning. Admit it Bioodmask you used a picture of YOUR GOTY. I'll make sure to properly submit Gamesradar's Platinum Chalice awards. This is a good article, you guys should read it.

worldgames3503d ago

I was going to say why is there a picture of Halo reach, shouldn't it be a picture of rdr??

But you took my words away.

GenericUserName3503d ago

Quite the useless rant you've got going on about the picture article